Buying a bidet toilet seat is becoming one of the more popular choices when remodeling one's bathroom. A large percentage of's customers choose to add bidet functionality to their toilet during bathroom remodels so they can have the entire setup professionally installed. While remodeling, customers can have a GFCI outlet placed optimally on the wall behind their toilet for a cleaner installation appearance. Many also choose to replace their outdated or incompatible toilets with larger, 2 piece elongated models that can better accommodate bidet seats. On average, consumers spend over $9,000 during major bathroom renovations.  Being that most of the popular bidet seat models only cost about $500, it's easy to see why some consumers choose bathroom remodels as the right time to purchase one.

To see just how the scale of bathroom renovations has grown in the US over the years, take a look at this beautiful infographic below:

bathroom renovations


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