Curious to know how your Alpha One functions? Perhaps you are having trouble with the bidet and need to repair an internal part? The beauty of the Alpha One is that its simplicity


Tools needed:

Flathead screwdriver

Phillips head screwdriver




Removal of your bidet seat is very simple and can be done in the following steps:


Step 1) Start by shutting off your water supply. We don’t want to create a big mess.

Step 2) Disconnect the supply hose from the rear left hand side of the unit. Have a towel or bucket handy for leftover water in the hose that may drip.

Step 3) Locate the seat release button located on the rear right side of your Alpha one. Press the button firmly and slide the whole unit toward the front of the bowl. The bidet should slide right off its mounting bracket.


Opening Your Alpha One

Now that the seat is removed from the toilet, we’ll show you how to open it up for repair.


Step 1) Remove the chrome lever by pulling it straight out to the side.

Step 2) Flip the unit over and locate the 5 plastic tabs that hold the upper and lower housing together.  

Step 3) With a flat head screwdriver or your fingers, gently pry the tabs loose. Be careful not to use too much force as you just need to separate the tabs.

Step 4) Remove the lower housing from the upper housing of the Alpha One.


Interior Breakdown

Now that we have the upper and lower housing separated, we can see the internal components of the Alpha ONE.  

The seat and lid are attached to the upper housing. Here, you will find the dampers that allow the seat and lid to close slowly.

In the lower housing, we see the unified brass valve and the nozzle assembly.  The brass valve is held in place by 3? screws and the nozzle assembly is secured via plastic tabs.  

Each component is modular, making repairing your Alpha ONE at home a breeze.


Once the repair is complete, slowly work backwards to re-assemble the Alpha ONE and slide it back on to its mounting bracket.


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