The Alpha ONE non-electric bidet seat from is unlike any other bidet on the market today. Thanks to its ultra slim design, the Alpha ONE resembles a normal toilet seat, but has powerful bidet cleansing functionality built-in. It can be installed in just 10 minutes, requires no electricity, and features a simple one lever control system that’s simple enough for anyone to use. The Alpha ONE Bidet Seat is ELONGATED and fits 2pc toilets and most 1pc toilets without a French curve.

Simple Functionality

The Alpha ONE bidet seat offers both front and rear cleansing with retractable dual nozzles that rinse themselves before and after each use. The nozzles are robust and specially designed for an optimal spray pattern. Pulling the chrome control lever back will activate the powerful rear wash. Pushing the lever forward will start the soothing front feminine wash. Return the lever to its middle position and the spray will stop. Just simple, effective cleansing with no frills.

Superior Design Most non-electric bidet attachments on the market are either big bulky seats, or are fitted underneath the rear of your toilet seat. While they are functional, their appearance leaves a lot to be desired. Enter, the Alpha One. At just 2.5” tall in the rear, the Alpha One is the most discrete bidet seat currently in production. The Alpha One bidet will replace your existing toilet seat and will fit on almost any residential elongated toilet. However, don’t let its sleek silhouette fool you. The Alpha One bidet seat is rated to withstand 300lbs and even has a sturdy, sittable lid. Both the seat and lid are slow closing to prevent slams.

10 Minute Installation

The Alpha One can be installed by just about anybody. Its non-electric cool water design means plumbing is a breeze via an included brass 7/8” t-valve that goes underneath the toilet tank. A braided metal supply hose then connects to the side of the seat and you’re done with plumbing. The Alpha One bidet seat will then slide into a mounting bracket that gets secured to your toilet bowl. The kit includes both top mounting bolts and a set of plastic bolts and nuts to satisfy virtually any style toilet.

Quality Inside and Out

Beyond its attractive exterior, the Alpha One is also built better on the inside. Utilizing a unified internal brass valve with brass inlet, the Alpha One bidet is all about eliminating leaks. A metal t-valve leads to a braided metal supply hose which connects to a brass inlet on a unified brass pressure valve. Compare our valves and fittings to the competition and you’ll see why we’re so excited about the Alpha One.


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