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Introducing the Alpha JX bidet toilet seat.  The Alpha JX is a technologically advanced bidet seat designed in the US for the modern bidet user.  The JX will not only elevate your personal hygiene, but also help you lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle by drastically reducing wasteful toilet paper use.  The Alpha JX features an energy efficient, tankless water heating system that provides a soothing warm water wash for both front and rear cleansing.  The warm water will never run out, and the strong cleansing spray is aerated for maximum comfort. 

The JX has a plethora of advanced bidet functions like nozzle oscillation, auto-sensing LED night light, heated seat, and a powerful warm air dryer.  A photo sensor near the top of the unit senses ambient lighting conditions to control the LED night light and power savings functions.  The aluminum nozzle is self-cleaning and specially treated with nano technology to be anti-microbial. 

Unlike other bidet seats, the Alpha JX is discreet and whisper quiet during operation—no loud motor or pump noises to worry about.  The remote control comes with a wall mount and easy to understand buttons.  Its exclusive Easy Wash button is programmed to do a full pressure rear wash + oscillation with one press – an easy way to achieve the best possible cleanse.  Beyond its advanced functionality, the ALPHA JX sets itself apart with smart design cues. It has one of the slimmest profiles on the market making it easy to fit your bathroom décor.  No more big, bulky bidet seats with flimsy lids that you have to worry about around kids and guests - the Alpha JX seat and lid are both slow closing and extra thick - supporting up to 320lbs on either surface.

With its catch plate mounting bracket, the JX is easily installed on virtually any residential toilet, even most 1 piece toilets with French curve design.  All you need is a GFCI outlet for power.

The Alpha JX, everything you need, nothing you don’t.

The Alpha JX features a single aluminum nozzle with separate sections for the two wash functions.  First, we see the rear wash function with adjustable nozzle position. We can adjust the spray pressure and make the nozzle oscillate back and forth for more thorough cleansing.  As the nozzle retracts, you will notice water dripping from its base. This is the nozzle's self-cleaning function as it rinses itself off with water before and after each use.

Now, we see the front feminine wash coming from a different section of the nozzle. Again we can adjust the nozzle position or have the nozzle oscillate back and forth.

Next we see the Alpha JX’s exclusive Easy Wash function.  With one button press, you get a full pressure rear wash with nozzle oscillation.

The JX bidet seat also offers a strong warm air dryer to provide a truly hands free cleansing experience.

The Alpha JX is covered by a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty, backed by Alpha’s commitment to stellar customer service. 

 Alpha Bidet, advancing modern hygiene.  


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