The Alpha GXR Wave is the latest bidet seat from Alpha Bidet.  Part of its Wave Series lineup, the GXR Wave is based on the same platform as the popular GX Wave, but is controlled by a wireless remote instead of an attached side panel.  By removing the side panel, the GXR Wave now has a fresh, modern appearance with the same great performance users expect from Alpha Bidet.  

The Alpha GXR Wave has a slim, low profile design, 3 wash modes and strong drying performance - it’s the perfect bidet seat for users seeking pure cleansing performance, without the frills.

It features a nicely shaped unibody lid design that creates a minimalistic look without the bulk associated with other models. Its overall design aesthetic is very chic and simple.  At only 5.4” tall in the rear, this model is lower profile than the vast majority of bidet seats on the market. The seat supports 320 pounds while the lid is sittable up to 200 pounds.

The seat and lid are slow closing to prevent slams. Simply push them forward and they will softly close on their own.

Like its sister the GX Wave, the new GXR Wave punches well above its weight class. It is powered by a hybrid heating system that offers 3 wash modes: Rear, Rear Plus, and Front Feminine. Its warm water supply is not endless, but the spray never turns completely cold either.

Both Alpha Bidet Wave models have a Rear Plus mode that is capable of spraying about 1 Liter per minute. The spray is strong and the generous water volume provides one of the most effective cleansing sprays on the market, regardless of price tag.

In addition to the conventional features like a heated seat, adjustable nozzles, oscillation and pulse, the GXR Wave also has some luxury touches like its soft white LED night light, stainless steel nozzle, and warm air dryer. 

The quality of the GXR Wave's remote control exceeds expectations. The buttons are intuitive, the design is clean, and the build quality is well beyond its price tag. It has a nice solid feel to it, and its included wall mount allows you to place it at eye level for easy operation.

On its left side, you’ll find the auxiliary control panel, I-R receiver, and water inlet which is angled for convenience. On the right, you’ll find a second I-R receiver, the 4 foot electrical cord, and its quick release tab.

Standard installation parts are included with the seat.

First, we see the regular rear wash in action.  

The nozzle position is adjustable in all wash functions and can also oscillate back and forth. The water stream can also be pulsed for a massaging effect.

Next, we see the front feminine wash from a different section of the nozzle.

The GX Wave’s Rear + mode is a stronger spray that outputs over 1 Liter per minute of warm water.  This puts it on par with some bidets in the $600 price range. Its dryer is also one of the strongest dryers tested by BidetKing, with more airflow than the majority of seats on the market.


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