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How To Replace A Bidet's Lid and Seat

Happen to find a crack on your bidet’s seat or lid? Or maybe you want to convert your elongated to a round?

Though every bidet seat model will have slightly different steps , the following video will provide general instructions on how to replace your bidet’s seat and lid.


Tools needed

  • A phillips head screwdriver

  • A flat head screwdriver

  • A large flat working surface


How to replace the bidet’s lid

Step One
Locate the slow close damper or hinge on one side of the lid.
The damper is usually black and you will feel more resistance on this side as you open and close the lid.

Step Two
On the opposite side of the damper, pry the lid outward with a bit of force to remove this end of the lid from its socket.
Be careful when pulling, as you don’t want to break the damper on the other side.

Step Three
Carefully remove the lid from the damper by sliding it outward.

Step Four
Take your new lid and attach the damper end first by inserting the damper pin into the lid’s socket.
Then, attach the other side of the lid - by again, carefully prying it outward with some force as it slips back into place. Be careful with your fingers as you do this.


How to remove the bidet’s seat

Step One
Locate and remove the screws holding the bidet’s upper and lower housing together. You may need to raise the seat in order to locate and remove screws underneath.

Step Two
The upper and lower housing are held together by plastic tabs under the bidet. Locate the plastic tabs and gently pry them open with a flat head screwdriver, being careful not to break them.

Step Three
Separate the upper housing from the lower housing of the bidet by holding the unit by its fill valve and gently pulling them apart.  

Step Four
Flip the upper housing with seat and lid up and over for easier access to internals.

Step Five
Locate the wiring harnesses for the seat. Follow them into the lower housing and disconnect the harnesses. It is important to remember where these wires go as you will need to reinstall them in the same way once you replace your seat. Thankfully, these cords are usually color coded.

Step Six
The upper housing and lower housing should now be fully separated. Locate the seat’s hinge or damper  in the upper housing. The lid will have its own damper so make sure you identify the one for the seat. Remove the screws holding the damper in place. Remember the orientation of the damper pin as you’ll need to replace this back into its slot.

Step Seven
Remove the seat from the upper housing while carefully guiding the wire harnesses through the hole.


How to Replace your bidet’s seat

Step One
Work backwards and place your new seat back into the upper housing.  Make sure to guide the wire harnesses carefully through the socket.

Step Two
place the damper back into its slot and fasten in with its screws. This part may be tricky as the damper pin must go in at the correct angle in order to line up with the corresponding hole in the seat.

Step Three
Reconnect the seats wire harnesses into the lower housing as they were before.

Step Four
Flip the lower housing onto the upper housing. Be careful not to get any flaps, wires, or any other unit parts caught in between the two housing pieces. The two housings should snap together via the plastic tabs.

Step Five
Replace all the housing screws that we removed earlier.