’s 2009 Rankings for **Best Electronic Bidet Toilet Seats**’s 2009 Rankings for **Best Electronic Bidet Toilet Seats**

The Clean Sense dib-1500/1500R - There’s no better value available on the market today. The Clean Sense line of advanced electronic bidet toilet seats is known for its unbeatable combination of quality and value. Their bidet seats feature energy efficient, tankless water heating systems that heat the water stream instantaneously as you begin washing. This means that the Clean Sense dib-1500 series can provide a virtually endless supply of warm water and improved energy efficiency because the heating element is not on continuously.  In the next year, you will begin seeing the rest of the Luxury bidet manufacturers moving toward this design.  Clean Sense has been doing it for 4 years.  The Clean Sense bidet seats pack all the features of $500+ brands into a $400 package. There’s a reason they remain’s #1 selling bidet toilet seat. Shop Clean Sense.

CleanSense dib-1500r

The Bio Bidet BB-400 – As a leader in the US bidet toilet seat market for years, Bio Bidet values quality above all else.  The Bio Bidet BB-400 is a fully featured luxury bidet with a sturdy toilet seat.  Like it’s big brother, the BB-1000, the BB-400 has a heavier seat than most other bidets in its class.  The cleaning action of the Bio Bidet BB-400 is also unique in that it feels as if there’s extra aeration in the stream – very nice.  The BB-400 is priced higher than the Brondell Swash 300 and CleanSense dib-1500 offerings with a similar list of features, but if a stronger, beefier seat is a priority for you – there’s none better.Shop Bio Bidet.


The Infinity XLC-3000 - Infinity seats are the epitome of luxury bidets.  Their shapely curves enhance the decor of any bathroom and their wide array of standard functions cannot be beat. Infinity believes that its bidet seats should include ALL premium functions (warm air dryer, deodorizer, catch plate, energy saving mode) coupled with new ceramic heating technology.  Compare the Infinity XLC-3000 with the INAX Luscense and you’ll see that for a much lower price point, you’re getting the added benefits of instant and endless warm water supply.  Great value in a luxurious package – doesn’t get much better than that. Shop Infinity.Infinity XLC-3000