Is A Bidet Attachment Right for Me?

Not everyone needs or wants all the bells and whistles included in a stand alone bidet or bidet seat. Those looking for a simple, straightforward bidet should look no further than a bidet toilet attachment. A bidet attachment is a type of bidet that, instead of replacing your toilet seat and lid, works in conjunction with your existing toilet seat and lid. This is done by fastening the bidet attachment to the toilet bowl bolt holes (the same bolt holes which hold down the seat and lid to the toilet bowl). Then your existing toilet seat goes on top of the attachment.

It is important to note that a bidet attachment is a non-electric bidet that does not have many of the features that an electric bidet would have. Features such as a heated seat, warm water, warm air dryer, and other comfort oriented features are not included in a bidet attachment. This is preferable for those looking for a simple and easy to use bidet, one with a very small learning curve and a very affordable price. A bidet attachment will have a simple spray nozzle and a spray pressure control knob or lever. Some models will come with either a single nozzle or dual nozzles. Dual nozzles accommodate for rear and front feminine washes. 

Customers who live in warmer climates may not need or want a bidet with warm water, heated seat, or warm air dryer. Similarly, some customers install bidet attachments to their vacation homes which they use during the hot summer months and hence, do not need any of the heat settings included in a higher priced electric bidet. 

Bidet Attachment Models We Recommend