How to Make the Best of Your New Bidet

Purchasing your first bidet seat is an exciting experience. You’ll find that, along with saving a ton of money on toilet paper, owning a bidet can drastically improve your experience in the bathroom. From an increase in overall hygiene to an increase in overall comfort, adding a bidet seat to your toilet is sure to make your bathroom experience that much better! But before you hop on your new bidet seat, customers should know that they are not magical devices that clean you up and pat you dry instantly at the press of a button.  While they are awesome devices, bidet seats do come with a learning curve to get the best results.

An electric bidet seat will contain many useful features that can require a little bit of time to get used to. In this article we will discuss how you can make the best of your new bidet, which features we recommend you try out first, and tips and tricks to learn all of your bidet’s features! 

Familiarizing Yourself with Your New Bidet 

The BidetKing website and BidetKing YouTube page have many videos showcasing the different features and settings included in our bidets. We recommend you watch a video or two of your specific bidet and  familiarize yourself with how the wireless remote control works (or side control panel), which buttons control which functions and how to control your bidet using its auxiliary buttons. Doing this before your bidet arrives at your home will give ample time to familiarize yourself with your new bidet and will make the process of installing and using your bidet for the first time much less intimidating. 

Another great way to familiarize yourself with your bidet is to read over the user manual. A downloadable version of the user manual is available on our website for most bidet models! So you can explore your bidet’s user manual before it arrives at your home! Taking a look through the manual will allow you to learn about each specific setting and feature on your bidet. It will break down which button to press on the remote control, or side panel, to activate a function, explain in detail what each function does, how long each function lasts, secondary button functions, how to troubleshoot potential issues, and how to maintain your bidet.

Once Your Bidet is Installed 

Once you have successfully installed your bidet seat onto your toilet, you can now begin to acclimate yourself with its features. Don’t forget that bidet seats are equipped with seat sensors so you’ll want to be seated with skin contact on the seat before testing. We recommend first trying out the rear wash function and finding out what spray pressure setting, nozzle position and water temperature you prefer. Spray strength and nozzle position preferences are different for everyone, so finding your preference can take some time. 

For more tips, check out our other article “How to Use a Bidet Toilet Seat Most Effectively” 

You will also want to try out the warm air dryer and its different temperature settings. You may need to slightly rotate your body while seated to get the warm air dryer to most effectively dry you after a wash cycle. Again, finding your perfect position will take some time, so be patient and experiment with different seating positions! 

Depending on which bidet seat model you purchased, it may include features such as user presets, child mode, and wash and dry functions. Once you are comfortable with using the core functions (rear/front wash and warm air dryer) we recommend acclimating yourself with these additional features. Just like with the core features, finding your personal preference for these features will require you to experiment with them. For instance, some customers really enjoy the wash n’ dry function while others have no need for it. The only way to find out is to try it out! 

Just remember that it can take up to 3 weeks for you to fully master all the controls and find the perfect settings. Be patient, experiment, and most of all, enjoy your new level of hygiene.