How Does the Warranty or Service Process for Bidet Toilet Seats Work?

At, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. As such, we ensure that every product we sell carries a minimum 1 year manufacturer warranty and that every brand we work with is dedicated to solving customer issues.  We know how big of a nightmare it can be when a manufacturer doesn’t provide adequate customer support, so we are very selective with the vendors we carry.  The bidet toilet seats we sell are fantastic products that can offer years of reliable performance, but hey, things happen.  So in the event that something breaks down, how does the warranty process work? How can you get service on your bidet toilet seat?

Warranty Coverage

Depending on the brand and model, the warranty length on our bidet seats ranges from 1 year to 5 years.  Most models have full warranties which cover 100% of parts and labor costs for the duration of the warranty while some have limited coverage that degrades in coverage each year. Some models also have the option to add extended warranties as well.  Each model is different so be sure to review the warranty terms on each product page

We make sure that all bidets on our website are of the utmost levels of reliability and durability. But if, in the unlikely event, that your bidet arrives damaged or malfunctioning, contact us immediately.  For shipping damages we can file a claim with the carrier and have your item replaced at no cost if we’re notified immediately.  For bidet seats that are (within 30 days of purchase) defective upon installation, most manufacturers will have the seat replaced right away.  If they don’t, let us know and we can help push the right buttons and escalate.  

If your bidet seat develops an issue after 30 days, but still within the warranty period, the first step is to either call us or call the manufacturer for troubleshooting.  Our trained bidet experts will be more than happy to help you resolve any issue you may be experiencing with your bidet. If, during the course of troubleshooting, a defect in the bidet unit is confirmed, customers will be asked to send their units into a manufacturer’s service center for repair. The customer will normally be responsible for the shipping cost to send it to the manufacturer’s service center, but everything else will be covered under warranty. Once at the service center, a trained technician will locate the defect, repair it, test it thoroughly, and then ship it back to the customer. Turnaround times vary depending on the extent of the defect and repair loads, but generally the process takes about a week.

Out of Warranty Service

If your bidet is out of its warranty period you still have some options for repair. Manufacturers have different rates for repair parts and labor but on average, the costs to repair an out of warranty bidet is around $40/hour for labor and $20 - $60 per replacement part. An average repair takes 1-2 hours of labor.  After calling for troubleshooting, the manufacturer will ask you to ship the seat to their service center. Once received, they will confirm and defect and itemize any parts that need to be replaced.  Once the customer approves the repair and pays the invoice, the repair process will begin.  The bidet will again be tested and then shipped back to the customer.

Bidet toilet seats are great appliances that can improve our hygiene and wellness.  While they are generally reliable and worry free, things do happen.  In an ideal world, we like to see electronic bidet seats provide 5-9 years of trouble free operation.  With good care, we’ve seen some units last 12+ years.

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