Buying a Bidet for a Senior

Thinking about buying a bidet for a senior family member or friend? Not sure which bidet model is the best choice or worried about compatibility? Worry no more as we discuss which bidets are best for seniors, which models are compatible with certain types of toilets, and how bidets are beneficial for seniors. We will go over the specific features one should look for when buying a bidet for a senior and why these features are important in ensuring they are left with a clean bottom. 

What to Look for in a Bidet 

When considering a bidet for a senior there are a few features one should look for before buying a specific model. These specific features will help improve the overall experience, comfort, and safety a senior has while using their bidet. It is important to note that not all bidet models have one or all of these features so it is important to look over our bidet comparison chart to see which bidet models have which features. 

The first feature one should look for in a bidet seat catered to a senior citizen is:

  • Sittable Lid
  • Some bidets, unfortunately, do not have a sittable lid and so are not rated to support any weight. Although it may sound trivial, a bidet that has a sittable lid is of paramount importance for a senior citizen. Many seniors use their toilet lid to sit down while doing various tasks such as getting dressed, cutting their toenails, shaving, etc. 

    Without a sittable lid an elderly person would be forced to stand while performing these tasks. This can take a toll on their knees which can lead to slips or falls. It simply cannot be understated just how important a bidet seat with a sittable lid is for the safety and comfort of a senior citizen. Some bidet seat models we recommend that have a sittable lid is the Alpha UX Pearl, Alpha JX, Alpha GX Wave, Brondell Swash 1400 and Eco-Nova.

  • Wireless Remote Control 
  • Another essential feature one should look for when buying a bidet for a senior is the inclusion of a wireless remote control. A remote control will allow a senior user to easily and comfortably control the settings and features on their bidet without having to contort or twist their body to the side in order to access the bidet’s controls (as is the case with a side control panel). The less movement a senior has to make while seated on their bidet the more comfortable they will be and the less chance there is for them to hurt themselves. 

    A remote control allows users to control all the settings and features on their bidet with the press of a button. Settings such as seat temperature, water temperature, nozzle position, and spray pressure can all be controlled via the remote control. Most wireless remote controls also come with a wall mount that can conveniently place your remote control within arms reach, ensuring as little movement as possible is required to use and control the bidet. 

    •  User Presets 

    A feature that can be extremely useful for seniors is that of user presets. This feature allows up to 2 users to save their preferred settings on 2 presets. The presets will save the settings on different features on the bidet such as seat temperature, water spray temperature, water spray pressure, and nozzle position. This is a useful feature if more than one person will be using a bidet. For instance, a senior user can have all their preferred settings saved on one user preset while another family member can have their favorite settings saved to another. This helps with the ease of using a bidet as one does not need to fumble with the different settings on the remote to have access to their preferred heat and spray settings.

  • Warm Air Dryer
  • Another essential feature a senior should have on their bidet is a warm air dryer. A warm air dryer will allow a senior user to dry themselves after a wash cycle while still seated on their bidet. This can be extremely helpful for those who have weak knees and/or backs as standing up and reaching behind themselves to dry off with toilet paper can be uncomfortable for seniors. Luckily, all electric bidet models listed on our website have a warm air dryer. 

  • Auto Wash/Dry & Easy Wash Function
  • Piggy backing off of the warm air dryer, the Wash and Dry function is a shortcut function that, through the press of a single button, activates a rear wash cycle and, upon completion, automatically starts the dryer function. This is a great feature for seniors as it reduces the amount of button presses one needs to use to activate a rear wash cycle and the warm air dryer. 

    The easy wash function is similar but only to the extent that it activates a full pressure rear wash with nozzle oscillation. This is a useful feature, especially for seniors, as it simplifies the rear wash function by automatically setting the wash cycle to its strongest settings and activating the nozzle oscillation mode, ensuring the user receives the most thorough clean.


    Most bidet seats are available in both a round and elongated size. You will need to make sure you know bowl shape of the toilet bowl before you buy a bidet seat. You can use our fitment guide for more info on compatibility.