Bidet Toilet Seats for Amputees - A Match Made in Heaven

Here at BidetKing, we strongly feel that bidet seats are the perfect toileting solution for amputees.  Self toileting is one of the biggest concerns for people with upper limb amputations, but not always easy to achieve. 

human physiology diagram depicting types of arm amputations

Here at BidetKing, we strongly feel that bidet seats are the perfect toileting solution for amputees.  Self toileting is one of the biggest concerns for people with upper limb amputations, but not always easy to achieve.

Traditional toileting solutions for amputees are clunky, and often crude or uncomfortable.  Using one’s heel to wipe, placing toilet paper on the edge of the seat to straddle, using reach extenders or other specialty tools that involve wads of toilet paper.  None of these solutions are particularly effective for good hygiene and require good balance, dexterity, and flexibility. Having a caregiver around to clean you up after using the toilet is effective, but doesn’t achieve toileting independence.  

"While it is occasionally acceptable to consent to being fed by someone else, it is degrading and destructive of self confidence for an individual to have to be cared for in the most intimate of activities, toileting. This aspect is frequently ignored by members of the rehabilitation team  because toileting activities are considered "dirty"."

Bidet seats are no doubt the best solution for those who have had an upper limb removed. They can provide a hands-free toileting experience--perfect for someone with no hands! At BidetKing, we work with several VA Hospitals’ Prosthetic Departments to aid patients with their individual needs. Their occupational therapists have found that bidet seats work great for their disabled veterans’ toileting needs.  

With a bidet seat, true toileting independence can be achieved. Bidet toilet seats are capable of doing all the hard work thoroughly and precisely. At the press of a button, a bidet seat will cleanse the user with a jet of warm, aerated water.  The spray is comfortable and will clean the user much more effectively than wiping with toilet paper. Once clean, the bidet seat can then dry the user with a warm air drying system that takes a few minutes. No contorting, special reach tools, or caregivers needed. Other features include adjustable nozzles, different spray modes, heated seat, and many other functions.

So what are the best bidet seats for amputees? With amputees, especially bilateral amputees, you want a seat that provides:

  • an effective cleanse with as few button presses as possible

  • a wireless remote control with big enough buttons that can be pressed with feet/toes if needed

  • an effective dryer

  • a durable seat

In our opinion, the 3 best bidet seats that meet this criteria are the Alpha JX, Bio Bidet BB-1000, and the Brondell Swash 1400. Here is a breakdown as to why:

  1. Alpha JX – The biggest benefit with the JX is its simplicity. This bidet seat provides a one button wash and dry, as well a one button rear wash w/ oscillation (easy wash). The dryer is better than average, and the remote control is easy to use with very simple symbols. Aside from simplicity, the Alpha JX has a durable seat, strong spray pressure and it comes fully loaded with a three year warranty.

  1. Brondell Swash 1400 – Similar to the Alpha JX, the Brondell Swash 1400 provides simplicity and a fully loaded build. The remote control also has a simple layout and does not need much deciphering. The Swash 1400 also has an auto wash and dry function with a sturdy seat.  The only knock on the Swash 1400 is the spray pressure is not quite as strong as other models.

  1. Bio Bidet BB-1000 – Strong pressure to ensure no second rinse is needed, enema functions for constipation, and a pretty big remote easy enough to maneuver with feet. The BB-1000 is a great choice for amputees with a very effective cleansing spray.  The only knock is its dryer that takes a little longer than other models.


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