Bidet Seats: A Remedy for Hemorrhoids

At BidetKing, butt health and comfort is our top priority. We are well aware of the many issues some may experience relating to going to the bathroom. And nothing's quite as uncomfortable as hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids, the uncomfortable and sometimes painful swollen veins in the lowest part of the rectum and anus, are a condition that many people experience at least once in their lives. Although they can arise from various causes, including straining during bowel movements or increased pressure on the veins due to pregnancy, the way we maintain hygiene can play a significant role in alleviating or even preventing them. Enter the bidet seat - an ancient tool of personal hygiene that, apart from being environmentally friendly, offers relief to those suffering from hemorrhoids.

Gentle Cleaning

For those with hemorrhoids, the mere act of wiping with toilet paper can be a source of irritation. Toilet paper, even the soft varieties, can be abrasive to the inflamed area. The use of bidets provides a gentle water spray, cleaning the area without the need for any rubbing or scraping, which can exacerbate hemorrhoid discomfort. Users are able to control the intensity of the water spray to ensure they find a level that is most comfortable for them. Many of our customers have stated that their pain and discomfort associated with having a bowel movement with hemorrhoids have significantly been reduced after using their bidet seat.

Thorough Hygiene

Hemorrhoids can occasionally bleed or leak mucus, which demands meticulous cleaning to prevent infection and added discomfort. A bidet seat ensures a thorough cleaning, washing away any residue, blood, or mucus, something that regular toilet paper might miss or spread further.

Temperature Control

Many modern bidet seats come equipped with temperature controls. Warm water can be soothing to inflamed tissues and can provide immediate relief from itching or pain associated with hemorrhoids. The temperature can be adjusted to a level that's comfortable for the user, ensuring a therapeutic effect with each use. Furthermore, users can utilize a bidet seats built-in warm air dryer to further soothe and relax the anus after a bowel movement. 

Reduced Straining

One of the significant causes of hemorrhoids is the straining during bowel movements. While bidets don't directly affect the act of defecation, the sensation of warm water can sometimes stimulate the anus and help with bowel movement, reducing the need for straining.

Hydration and Moisture

Dryness can be an irritant to hemorrhoids. While you don't want the area to be excessively damp, a certain level of moisture, especially after cleaning, can be beneficial. Bidets can ensure that the anal area remains adequately hydrated. After using a bidet, patting (not rubbing) dry with a soft cloth can keep the area clean without causing dryness.

Reducing Skin Irritations

The constant act of wiping, especially with scented or chemically treated toilet papers, can cause skin irritations or worsen existing hemorrhoid conditions. By eliminating the need for excessive wiping, bidets can prevent these irritations, offering a more natural and skin-friendly hygiene alternative.


In the vast realm of personal hygiene, the benefits of bidet seats are often discussed in the context of environmental sustainability and thorough cleaning. However, for those experiencing the discomfort of hemorrhoids, a bidet can be a beacon of relief. Offering a gentle, thorough, and soothing cleaning experience, bidets can significantly alleviate the discomfort associated with hemorrhoids and even play a role in their prevention. As we move towards more conscious choices in personal care, it's essential to recognize the profound health benefits of simple tools like the bidet seat.