Using a bidet can vastly improve a person’s quality of life.  From children to seniors with medical conditions, bidet users can enjoy many health benefits.

Using a bidet can vastly improve a person’s quality of life. From children to seniors with medical conditions, bidet users can enjoy many health benefits.


Digestive HealthIllustration of a man with a stomach ache
While bidet seats can’t help what you put into your body, they do ease the “coming out” process of the foods you do consume.

Constipation is common among many Americans, especially women who are pregnant. Many electronic bidet seats
today have “massage” and “pulsate” functions to help stimulate the rectum to ease constipation and promote bowel movements. The “enema” wash on some bidets offers a warm stream of water that goes directly to the rectum into the lower colon. For a few moments, the warm water loosens the hard feces from walls of the colon and is then defecated back into the toilet.

When the food we eat does not sit well, diarrhea would set in and we’d have to run to the bathroom without looking like a fool. Bidets can help cleanse your bottom thoroughly without having to wipe multiple times with toilet paper. Not only would use less toilet paper, you’d be saving water by not having to shower after messy bowel movements.

Hemorrhoids are also very common, especially during pregnancy and after childbirth. The pain is caused from increased pressure when the veins swell, making them very painful. Bidets are a well-known tool for easing the suffering caused by hemorrhoids. Any time there is inflammation around the anal area, a bidet can be used to ease the pain, cleanse the area, and control inflammation. Using toilet paper to wipe is much more painful and does not clean as effectively. Bidets can also help with anal fissures, j-pouch, colitis, and more. Save your bum from being rubbed raw by using a bidet instead.


Feminine Hygiene 
For women, menstrual periods often produce feelings of being unclean. Washing your private areas with water can help cleanse the area of any particles that may be harmful to the body, especially among expecting mothers.close up of a pregnant women's belly

Using a bidet can ensure cleanliness before, during, and after childbirth. During childbirth, there can be a lot of discharge and bleeding. Wiping with dry toilet paper may just spread the mess, while a bidet does a much better job of washing the area. After childbirth, using a bidet can also be a comfortable way to recover from stitches or tears in the vaginal area. A cool, gentle stream of water is ideal for the healing process. Most modern bidets have a “feminine wash,” a useful tool in maintaining good vaginal health.

Bidets can also help with feminine hygiene before and after sex. Washing yourself can remove bacteria and other things from your skin, decreasing the risk of other infections from occurring.


Children Using BidetsChild lifting toilet's seat and lid
A bidet is even gentle enough for a child to use. Children always seem to be getting into dirty or unclean situations. The “child” function offers a softer spray and the nozzle positioning allows the child to sit as they would normally without falling into the toilet bowl. Small children often have trouble balancing on the toilet while reaching around to wipe with toilet paper, but a bidet seat negates this by helping them stay clean with a push of a button. With proper adult supervision, teaching a child how to use a bidet can instill the importance of personal hygiene.


Benefits for the Elderly
Bidet seats offer a hands free device, giving seniors the independence and dignity they deserve. Many elderly folks have a weakened immune system, and hygiene becomes an increased concern for this reason as well. Bidets provide the water pressure necessary to clean the genital and rectal areas thoroughly. Bidets are useful tools for people suffering from ALS and Parkinson’s and those with limited mobility as well. Bidets users are able to cleanse and dry with a touch of a button while not having to reach around to wipe with toilet paper.


Healthy Living for the Whole FamilyA happy family
Bidets can help with improving personal hygiene of any regular person. Areas like the anus have hundreds of sensitive nerves and very fine wrinkles. Even the gentlest toilet paper can’t clean these delicate tissues effectively. Wiping with dry paper will cause irritation and leave residue that in time, will cause bacterial growth leading to infections. Using a bidet can help stop the spread of germs like urinary tract infections (UTI), vaginal infections, and infections around the anal area. A thorough cleanse with water will help mitigate these concerns.

Majority of infectious diseases are passed by human contact. After using the bathroom, almost half of all humans do not wash their hands properly. Using a bidet ensures hands-free cleaning and drying. It will significantly reduce or eliminate contamination caused by the spreading of germs and bacteria from the restroom. This is especially important for people working in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and assisted care facilities.


Have you experienced any other health benefits from using bidets?  Leave a comment below!  We'd love to hear your stories.


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