Alpha JX vs TOTO C200 SW2044 Washlet: Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison

The Alpha JX and TOTO C200 SW2044 are two pillars of the mid-premium bidet toilet seat category. Which one is the best bidet seat? In this article, we’ll address these topics and compare the Alpha JX and TOTO C200 head to head so you can find out which bidet seat is the best for you.



The Alpha JX and TOTO C200 are two pillars of the mid-premium bidet toilet seat category. The Alpha JX is one of the most revered bidet seats by customers here at BidetKing. Its spray performance, build quality and feature set far exceed its mid level price. The TOTO C200 washlet is made by industry powerhouse TOTO, and is one of the most popular bidet seats in the country. So how do these well priced, top quality bidet seats match up against each other? Which one is the best? In this article, we’ll address these topics and compare the Alpha JX and TOTO C200 head to head so you can find out which bidet seat is the best for you.

Alpha Bidets are known for their low profile design, sturdy lids, and LED nightlights. The Alpha JX certainly fits the bill with its 5.5” height in the rear and sturdy sittable lid. Its soft white LED nightlight is light sensitive so it only turns on when your bathroom is dark. Another distinct feature of the Alpha JX is its rounded rear end which allows it to fit some 1 piece toilets with French curve design.
TOTO’s high end washlets have always been known for their superior, low profile design. However, the C200 model has a large internal tank so it has a bulkier appearance than more modern bidet seats. Its height in the rear is about 7.5”-- almost 2” taller than the Alpha JX.
The seating area for both the JX and C200 are pretty similar and both models are available in Round and Elongated sizes.

Measurement Alpha JX TOTO C200
Front Height 1 5/8" 1 5/8"
Rear Height 5 1/2" 7 3/4"
Length (Elongated) 20 7/8" 20 7/8"
Length (Round) 19 1/4" 19 1/4"
Width 15 1/4" 16 1/4""
Electrical Cord 45" 48"



alpha jx and toto c200 side view


Spray Capability
The Alpha JX and TOTO C200 both offer above average spray pressure when set to max. The Alpha JX has a very well aerated stream that’s both comfortable and effective for thorough cleansing. It also offers oscillation for a wider cleansing area and a special “Easy Wash” button on its remote that provide a full pressure rear wash with oscillation with just 1 press.
The TOTO C200 has two different rear wash modes, soft and hard. The soft rear wash is a gentle spray with little aeration. The hard rear wash adds air power that results in narrower, but firmer spray for users that prefer more power. The feminine spray on both models offers a gentler spray with a wider spray pattern.

Water Heating
The TOTO C200 utilizes a traditional tank tank water heating system. Tank type heaters store warm water in an internal reservoir. The C200’s reservoir holds about 40 seconds of pre-heated warm water for the wash before it starts turning cooler. The water remains a cooler temperature for the duration of the wash, but never really turns completely cold either.
The Alpha JX on the other hand uses a tankless water heating system. This means that there’s no large internal reservoir with preheated water. This absence of a reservoir allows the seat to be much sleeker, as it heats the water on-demand during a wash. The end result is endless warm water for as long as the duration of the wash. Tankless heating is the most energy efficient because the water heater sits idle until you begin washing.

Feature Alpha JX TOTO C200
Adjustable Nozzles Yes Yes
Adjustable Spray Pressure Yes Yes
Adjustable Water Temperature Yes Yes
Self Cleaning Nozzle Yes Yes
Hard Spray/Plus Spray No Yes
Heating System Tankless Tank
Nightlight Yes No
Pulse Mode No Yes
Nozzle Oscillation Yes Yes
Heated Seat Yes Yes
Soft Close Lid Yes Yes
Deodorizer No Yes
Warm Air Dryer Yes Yes
Premist No Yes
Energy Saving Mode Yes Yes
Sittable Lid Yes No
Round Size? Yes Yes


Unique Features
Both the Alpha JX and TOTO C200 come pretty much fully loaded with all the typical bidet seat features including front and rear warm water wash, heated seat, warm air dryer, and adjustable settings. Here, we’ll cover some of the unique features that set them apart.
Sittable Lid - The Alpha JX is one of the rare bidets seats on the market where the lid is designed to be sittable when closed. It supports up to 300 lbs. The TOTO C200’s lid cannot be sat on.
Deodorizer - The TOTO C200 features an automatic deodorizer that helps eliminate odors in the bathroom. The Alpha JX does not have this feature.
LED Nightlight - The Alpha JX does have a photo sensitive LED nightlight that illuminates the toilet bowl for nighttime bathroom trips. The C200 does not.
Premist - The C200 has TOTO’s unique Pre-Mist feature that dampens the toilet bowl as you sit down. It’s meant to keep foreign material from sticking to the bowl. Other brands like Alpha Bidet do not have this feature.

Remote Control

alpha jx and toto c200 remotes

Both the Alpha JX and the TOTO C200 offer wall mounted wireless controls that display settings on an LCD screen. The TOTO remote is dual sided: the front side has the basic wash, dry, nozzle and pressure settings, while the back side is for temperature and advanced settings. It is longer and wider than the Alpha’s.
The Alpha JX has one of the simplest remotes on the market. In addition to the wash, dry and adjustable settings, there are also two shortcut buttons for its “Easy Wash” and auto “Wash N Dry” functions near the bottom. Both remote control are intuitive and easy enough to use for all ages.

Nozzle Construction
The TOTO C200 uses a single, anti-microbial plastic nozzle for its various wash functions. The Alpha JX uses a single, anti-microbial aluminum nozzle for its wash functions. Both are self cleaning and offer enough reach and adjustability for most users.

The Alpha JX is covered by a 3 Year Manufacturer's Full Warranty:
100% coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the first 3 years from original date of purchase.
The TOTO C200 Washlet is covered by a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Full Warranty:
100% coverage of all parts and labor from the original date of purchase.

Overall both the TOTO C200 as well as the Alpha JX are fantastic choices with great quality for their price. The question of ‘which is better’ comes down to what you value most in a bidet seat. If you prefer endless warm water, low profile design, sittable lid and a 3 year warranty, go with the Alpha JX. If you want the TOTO name with more variable spraying options, pre-misting of the toilet bowl, and a deodorizer - then the C200 is the bidet seat for you. Both have stellar reviews and from BidetKing’s perspective, you can’t go wrong with either choice.