Kohler San Rafael

The Kohler San Raphael is a one piece toilet with a French curve tank design and an elongated bowl.  The San Raphael is the elongated version of the popular Kohler Rialto toilet.  The “French curve” describes the concave shaped tank that slopes down into the bowl.  Due to this design, the San Raphael is not compatible with the majority of bidet toilet seats on the market today.  However, there is currently only TWO bidet seats which will fit the Kohler San Raphael well:  the Blooming NB-R1063 and the ALPHA JX.

Kohler San Rafael with a French Curve design, side view

Kohler San Raphael Shape

Similar to other low-boy style toilets, the 1 piece curved design of the San Raphael prevents most bidet toilet seats from fitting properly.  If you try to mount a normal bidet seat onto this toilet, the bidet will not be able to slide all the way back against the tank.  The sloping curve of the tank will prevent either the bidet seat from being able to sit flat, or the sides of the curve will hinder the water supply input.

The one saving grace of the Kohler San Raphael is that it does have an elongated bowl so there’s more room to work with.  Unlike the Kohler Rialto’s short round bowl, the San Raphael’s elongated bowl allows two bidet seat models to fit.

ALPHA JX Bidet Seat with remote, top view

ALPHA JX & Blooming NB-R1063

The Blooming NB-R1063 and the ALPHA JX are a luxury class bidet toilet seats with a very slim, low-profile design.  Because the rear of the bidet is fairly narrow, it able to mount onto 1 piece elongated toilets with a French curve like the San Raphael. These two models will fit the Kohler San Raphael about 80% of the time.  Due to slight 1/4" differences in production, some Kohler San Raphaels have curves that extend out a little more and will not accomodate any bidet seats.  The Blooming & ALPHA may hang over the front edge of the toilet bowl by about 1/2", but this is normal and will not affect its functionality.

Blooming NB-R1063 with a LED Night Light illuminating the toilet bowl

The Blooming NB-R1063 and ALPHA JX come fully loaded with a tankless water heating system, aluminum nozzles, a warm air dryer, fully adjustable nozzle positions and a unique LED night light.  The bidets set itselfselves apart by being one of the quietest bidet seats on the market today.  It also begins spraying very soon after pressing the cleansing button – unlike other models which have a 5-10 second lag.

Alpha JX bidet seat installed on a toilet

So what's the difference between these models? The ALPHA JX comes with a sit-able lid which handles up to 320 lbs., providing one of the sleekest fitting bidets out on the market today. Also, the JX has some additional shortcut buttons on the remote control that the Blooming does not.  

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