Electronic bidet seats are some of the most reliable home appliances money can buy.  Designed to be used everyday, multiple times a day, bidet toilet seats are durable and built to withstand heavy usage.  Every model sold at BidetKing.com has a less than 2% first year repair rate, but like all things in life—sometimes, things go wrong.  So what should you do if your bidet toilet seat malfunctions?


If you begin seeing issues with your bidet seat, try some basic troubleshooting steps to try and resolve the problem.  Check the bidet’s user manual for model specific instructions (if you lost your manual or don’t want to look for it, give us a call and we’ll walk you through it).  You can also try resetting the bidet seat by leaving it unplugged for 30 seconds before plugging it back in.  This simple reset often resolves small issues.

If the problem persists and you purchased the bidet from BidetKing.com, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll help you get your bidet up and running again.

Warranty Service

Every bidet product sold at BidetKing.com comes with a minimum 1 year manufacturer warranty that covers parts and labor in the event of repair.  Some models have longer warranties while others may offer limited coverage after the first year.  To get warranty service for your bidet seat, you will need to contact the manufacturer.  You can always call us first and we’ll get you connected with the right department, otherwise, call the number listed in your user manual. 

Before you call, it would be helpful (but not necessary) to gather the following pieces of information:

- An order confirmation email or a packing slip that would tell you when and where you purchased

- A detailed description of the issue you are experiencing: When did it start happening? Does it always happen or only under certain conditions? Can you re-produce it?

If the service rep confirms that repair is needed, you generally have two options for repairing your bidet toilet seat.  First, you can have the manufacturer fix the bidet at their service center.  They would repair the bidet, test it, and then ship it back to you.  The downside is that you have to physically ship the bidet seat to their center and be left without its use for roughly 1-2 weeks depending on shipping distance.  Shipping costs are split (you ship it there, they’ll ship it back).  The upside is that a professional performs the repair and you can be sure it will work when you get it back. 

The other warranty option (you may have to request it) is for folks at home who are handy and feel comfortable doing the repairs at home.  Manufacturers will often agree to ship you the OEM replacements parts with instructions to follow.  By performing the repairs yourself, you can avoid the downtime and save on shipping costs.  The drawback is that this option is not advisable for everyone and would only be possible if the service rep can determine the exact issue over the phone. 

Out of Warranty Service

If your warranty has expired and you find your bidet toilet seat in need of repair, all is not lost.  Call your manufacturer and inquire about out of warranty service costs.  Small issues can sometimes be fixed for $100 or less.  You can also purchase spare parts from the manufacturer or distributors like BidetKing.com to repair the bidet seat yourself. 

In any event, if you have any questions or concerns about your bidet product, give us a call and we’ll do our best to help.

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