The short answer to this question – not really.  The actual seat of a bidet toilet seat is only ½” – 1” thicker than a regular toilet seat.  So when a user sits down on a bidet seat equipped toilet, there will not be much added height over a regular toilet seat. 

Bidet Seat with lid slowly closing

Height of the Seat vs Height of the Entire Bidet Unit

A common confusion among bidet seat shoppers is the height specification.  When one studies the dimensions for a given bidet toilet seat, the height may be listed anywhere from 4”-6.5”.  Does this mean that the user will be seated 4”-6.5” higher on the toilet? Not at all.  The height specification is actually measuring the entire bidet unit’s highest point, which is located at the very rear of the unit. 

The rear of the unit houses the bidet’s wiring, circuit boards, mechanical components, etc.  It is where most of the bidet toilet seat’s bulk is located and this area is certainly taller than a normal toilet seat.  However, the rear is not where the user actually sits when using the bidet.  The user only sits on the actual seat of the bidet and the seat itself is only slightly thicker than a regular toilet seat.

close up of bidet seat's height

The Seat of the Bidet

Like mentioned earlier, the actual seat of an electronic bidet is about ½” – 1” thicker than a normal toilet seat.  Why the difference?  First, virtually all bidet seats come standard with a heated seat option.  To accomplish this, there is a heating element that runs the length of the seat that can be programmed to a user’s preference.  Next, bidet seats also utilize seat sensors that prevent the wash functions from working unless someone is seated.  You don’t want guests accidentally spraying themselves in the eye. Lastly, below the seats you will find pads or spacers that are designed to the keep the seat stable across your toilet bowl.  Given the bulk of the rear, it’s important that the bidet seats are able to sit flat on your toilet bowl.

Combining the heating element, seat sensor, and spacers results in a slightly taller toilet seat, but not the 4"+ inches that the dimensions may portray.