BB 2000 and BB 1000 side by side

Both the Bio Bidet BB-2000 and Bio Bidet BB-1000 are some of our most popular and best selling bidet toilet seats here at BidetKing. The BB-1000 had been Bio Bidet’s flagship product for almost 10 years until 2013 when the BB-2000 was launched. Bio Bidet’s BB-2000 arrived with a bang and was met with great response and has grown to become a powerhouse in this industry. However, the BB-1000 bidet seat still has a cult following due to its incredible spray pressure and enema function. Being two of our best selling bidet toilet seats, we still get asked “what are the differences between the two?” This comparison article will help sum up all the key differences between the Bio Bidet BB-2000 and the BB-1000 bidet toilet seats.

Features on both the BB-2000 and the BB-1000 are very similar, with both models offering standard features like heated seat, warm air dryer, adjustable nozzle, heated water, and a few others. The Bio Bidet BB-2000 and the BB-1000 both share one big unique feature, the enema function. Due to its powerful pump the Bio Bidet BB-1000 has one of the most thorough and strongest enema functions available. The Bio Bidet BB-2000 follows closely in second after the Bio Bidet BB-1000 when it comes to spray pressure and enema thoroughness. Both the BB-1000’s and the BB-2000’s enema function are so effective that we here at BidetKing feel completely confident about recommending both units as some of the few enema functions on the market that actually work.  A few noted differences between these models include the BB-2000 having a blue led nightlight, as well as an auto wash/dry function that the BB-1000 lacks.

FeatureBio Bidet BB-2000Bio Bidet BB-1000
Adjustable NozzlesYesYes
Adjustable Spray PressureYesYes
Adjustable Water TemperatureYesYes
Self Cleaning NozzleYesYes
Enema FunctionYesYes
Heating SystemHybridTank
Slow Closing Seat & LidYesYes
Pulse ModeYesYes
Nozzle OscillationYesYes
Heated SeatYesYes
Soft Close LidYesYes
Warm Air DryerYesYes
Energy Saving ModeYesYes
Wireless RemoteYesYes
LED NightlightSide of seatNo
One Button Wash and DryYesNo
LCD Remote DisplayYesNo
Round Size?NoYes

The BB-1000 is the predecessor of the BB-2000 and does have a few differences that differentiate it from the newer BB-2000. The design of the BB-1000 for example is a bit simpler than that of the BB-2000. It is a more rounded bidet, a clear indication of older design, as the BB-1000 has been around for more than 10 years. The BB-2000 on the other hand has a more modern design that it displays a silver streak on its rear side. The overall sizing doesn’t change too much, regardless here is a comparison chart.

MeasurementBio Bidet BB-2000Bio Bidet BB-1000
Front Height1 5/8 in1 5/8 in
Rear Height5 3/4 in6 3/4 in
Length21 1/2 in21 1/2 in (Elongated) and 19 3/8 in (Round)
Width15 1/4 in16 1/4 in
Electrical Cord45 in42 in

BB 2000 and BB 1000 side view comparison

Spray Capability
Despite being 10 years old, the BB-1000 still lives up to very high standards when in regards to performance. The BB-1000 is undoubtedly the king of spray pressure in the electric bidet market, even outdoing the newer BB-2000. This is due to its large and powerful pump that generates very strong pressure from its internal tank. The BB-2000, however, is not far behind. Compared to the rest of the electronic bidet seat market, the BB-2000’s spray pressure is definitely near the top, spraying about 15-20% harder than the average electric bidet seat. But, with both models set to max spray pressure, the BB-1000 is about 10-15% stronger than the BB-2000.  In regards to spray capability both units are in a league of their own, but if you’re looking to have the absolute strongest spray pressure then the Bio Bidet BB-1000 still wins.

BB 2000 and BB 1000 Nozzles side by side

Water Heating
Here is where it may get a bit tricky in choice for some, also where one of the main differences lie. The water heater on the Bio Bidet BB-1000 is a tank type. Tank type heaters store warm water in an internal reservoir. This reservoir holds about 30 seconds of pre-heated warm water for the wash. During a wash, after these 30 seconds have expired the water starts to turn cold. It will remain cold for the rest of the wash.  Between uses, it will take a few minutes for the tank to be warm once again. The benefit of a tank type heater is that the water is really instantly warm as it has been sitting in a tank warming up.

The Bio Bidet BB-2000 on the other hand uses a hybrid heater that provides endless warm water. While the BB-2000 does have a small internal reservoir of pre-heated warm, it also has on demand heating.  This means that it continues to heat the water as it is spraying. This combination is what makes the heater a “hybrid,” and allows users to experience endless warm water. This difference in water heating technology is one of the most significant differences between the BB-1000 and BB-2000.

Remote Control
There are a few significant differences between the remotes for the BB-1000 and BB-2000. For starters the Bio Bidet BB-2000’s remote is more modern, having an LCD screen to display all features upon it. The design of the remotes are completely different as well. The BB-1000 is rectangular in shape, featuring large buttons with simple words and symbols on it. The BB-2000’s remote is taller and slimmer. but the buttons are not as simple to decipher as the BB-1000’s remote. Both remotes have a holster so that they can be mounted on a wall. The BB-2000’s remote is sleeker, and also comes in your color choice of a black or white remote. The BB-1000’s remote is very user friendly, having all functions illustrated upon the remote as well as written in text. Its larger buttons may be more ideal for elderly or disabled users.

Nozzle Construction
The Bio Bidet BB-1000 has a design that's over 12 years old. As a result, it uses an antimicrobial plastic nozzle that was the industry standard. The Bio Bidet BB-2000 was updated with a stainless steel nozzle with a replaceable plastic tip. The tip is removable in the event that you wish to manually clean it.

BB 2000 installed on a toilet in a fancy restroom

Now, does it really matter what your nozzle is made out of? We here at BidetKing have found that nozzle type is nearly irrelevant. The most prestigious bidet company, TOTO, uses plastic nozzles for its $1,000 washlets with no issues. It is also important to note that the possibility of the nozzle becoming compromised by fecal matter or any other bacteria is unlikely as the nozzles are engineered at angles where splashback is minimized. Additionally, all bidet seats have self cleaning nozzles that rinse themselves between uses in order to assure the best possible hygiene.

Seat Durability
Both the Bio Bidet BB-1000 and BB-2000 are made to be quite sturdy, however there is a key difference between the two.  The older BB-1000 model is made with ABS plastic, while the upgraded BB-2000 is made with a stronger polypropylene. As a result, the BB-2000 is supposed to be more durable with a higher weight capacity of 420lbs vs the BB-1000’s 320lb limit.  The Bio Bidet 2000 is BidetKing’s #1 recommend seat for larger users over 250lbs.

BB 1000 installed on a toilet in a fancy restroom

The Bio Bidet 2000 is covered by a 3 Year Manufacturer's Full Warranty:
100% coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the first 3 years from original date of purchase.
Optional 6 Year Extended Manufacturer’s Full Warranty ($99):
100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the first 6 years from original date of purchase.

The Bio Bidet BB-1000 is covered by a 3 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty:
100% coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the first year from original date of purchase, 75% coverage for the second year and 50% coverage for the third year.
Optional 6 Year Extended Manufacturer’s Full Warranty ($99):
100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the first 6 years from original date of purchase.

The Bio Bidet BB-1000 and the BB-2000 are the dominating bunch when it comes to the best spraying electric bidet seats the market has to offer. So which one should you buy? Well that comes down to a few things. If you’re looking for the bidet seat with the absolute strongest spray pressure and enema function (and don't mind the 30 second warm water limit), then the BB-1000 is the perfect bidet foryou. If you’re looking for a more modern and sturdy design, unlimited warm water, and still crave really strong spray pressure + enema, then you will want to consider the Bio Bidet BB-2000 instead. Regardless of the choice, both bidets are very high performing and are extremely popular.