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Wireless Remote Control vs Side Panel Control

At BidetKing.com, the electronic bidet seats we sell are typically split around 85% Remote Control vs 15% Side Panel.

The two questions we most often hear from customers regarding remote controls are, "Why would I need a remote control?" and, "I have kids, aren't they easy to lose?" Our answer is two-fold, "1) wall mounted remote controls are much more convenient to use and operate and 2) in all of our years experience, we've yet to hear a customer tell us that they actually lost their remote control due to kids." 

This article will discuss the various pros and cons of getting a bidet seat with either a wireless remote control, or an attached control panel. 

Bidet Seats with Wall Mount Remote Controls

Bidets with Remotes

Bidet models:  Bio Bidet BB-1000, BB-2000; Blooming NB-R1063; Brondell Swash 1000, Swash 900, Swash 300; Clean Sense dib-1500R; Infinity XLC-3000TOTO s350e, s300e; Galaxy 5000; Novita BH-90/93

How they are used: All of the wireless remote controls that come with our electronic bidet seats include a wall mount.  Using the provided screws or double sided tape, the wall mount allows the remote control to be easily mounted to a nearby surface. Most users operate the remote control directly on the wall and rarely remove it from its mount.  The settings of the remote control are displayed on either a digital LCD screen, or through a series of colored LED lights.

Pros: Because the remote control is wireless, it can be placed or mounted on either side of the toilet.  This is ideal for folks who are left handed, have limited mobility, or have spacing issues in their bathroom.  The remote control can be mounted eye-level so it is much easier to read and operate.  This is great for the elderly or handicapped.  Bidet seats controlled by a wireless remote also tend to be more upscale and have more features.  The bidet seats themselves have a much cleaner appearance on the toilet without a large control panel attached to its side.    

Cons: Wireless remote controls are powered by batteries that need to be replaced every year or so depending on usage.  If there is no wall next to your toilet, it can be difficult to find a place to mount the remote.  While extremely rare, it is possible to lose the remote.  


Bidet Seats with Attached Side Control Panels

Bidets with Panels 

Bidet models: Bio Bidet BB-1700BB-800, BB-600; Clean Sense dib-1500Infinity XLC-2000Galaxy 4000; Novita BG-90/93

How they are used: The attached side control panel is always located on the right hand side of the bidet seat when the user is seated.  The settings are displayed through a series of colored LED lights.    

Pros:Since the control panel is attached to the bidet seat, it is impossible to lose.  It will never run out of batteries and nothing ever needs to be replaced. Lack of a separate remote control is one less thing to worry about.   

Cons: Having an attached side control panel can detract from the overall look of your bidet seat.  We often hear customers complain about how the control panel sticks out.  It can add bulk to the bidet seat and will not work in bathrooms where the wall is too close to that side of the toilet.  The location of the control panel is not ideal for our larger or elderly customers who have trouble with mobility.  Users must be able to turn to their side and look down to read and press the controls.  Since they are always on the right side, left handed customers may have trouble operating them.