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How to Install a Bidet Seat

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Hello and thank you for watching this video tutorial from BidetKing.com. In this video, we’ll be walking through the basic steps of how to install an electronic bidet toilet seat.

First, we’ll want to turn off the water supply by closing the shut-off valve located next to your toilet.  Once the water’s off, you can drain the toilet tank completely by giving it a long flush. The supply hose can then be disconnected from the toilet tank.  It’s a good idea to put a towel on the floor as there may be some residual water in the line.  
Remove your existing toilet seat by loosening the two bolts behind the seat.  The bolts are usually held in place underneath the toilet bowl with two plastic nuts. Once the nuts are removed, you can lift the seat from the bowl.

Now, let’s take a minute to examine all the parts that come with a typical bidet seat.   We’re using the Clean Sense d.i.b.-1500-R as an example in this video. Here we see the remote control with its wall mount, the user guide, and a water filter.  The plastic bracket at the top is the mounting plate, and below we see the water supply hoses, deodorizer cartridge, ½ inch t-valve, and the rest of the mounting hardware.

Install the ½ inch t-valve onto your shut-off valve. Then connect the bidet seat supply hose, and the toilet tank supply hose to the t-valve as shown. It is advised that you use plumber’s tape on these connections. Connect the other end of the toilet tank supply hose to the 7/8 inch fitting beneath your tank.  

Now, let’s mount the bidet seat by first positioning the mounting plate over the toilet seat bolt holes. Place the brackets over the holes and then insert the mounting bolts through them.  The bolts are secured from underneath the bowl with plastic nuts.  Lock the bidet seat into place by sliding it all the way back into the mounting plate.  There should be an audible click when the seat is locked.

Take a look at your mounted bidet seat and check if it is aligned properly with the front of your toilet bowl.  If not, you can loosen the plastic nuts and adjust the position of the mounting plate.  

Most of the bidet seats we sell at BidetKing.com come with an optional water filter to help protect your bidet seat investment.  The filter can be attached either directly to the bidet seat as shown, or between the supply hose and the t-valve as indicated here.   Some bidet seats, like the Brondell or Blooming models, come with 7/8 inch t-valves that connect directly to the bottom of your toilet tank – making installation simpler.  We also sell these specialized 7/8 inch t-valves at our store.  

After the water supply hoses are all connected, you can then open the shut-off valve slowly and check for leaks.  Finally, plug your seat into a GFCI outlet and begin enjoying the benefits of your new bidet toilet seat.

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