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Bidet seats are not only great for improving hygiene, but can also improve one's quality of life. The warm water wash can provide soothing relief for sufferers of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and ulcerative colitis. Bidet seats also restore toileting independence for the elderly, handicapped or disabled, and anyone living with a condition that limits their mobility (ALS, Parkinsons, RA, MS, etc).

When you push the wash button, a small nozzle will extend out beneath you and spray a stream of water at your rear. The water stream is both warm and aerated for comfort. You can also make the water stream pulse or have the nozzles oscillate back and forth for more effective cleaning action. Once you’re done, press the stop button and the nozzle will retract back into its sleeve. Bidet seats automatically clean their nozzles before and after each use – ensuring the only thing that touches you is pure, clean water.

They are controlled by either an attached side control panel, or a wall mounted wireless remote control. While the wireless remote control models are much more popular and convenient, side paneled seats provide just as much cleansing and health benefit. Thank you for choosing BidetKing.com.

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