When we lay our heads down to sleep at night, we do so with the hopes of having sweet dreams and getting a rejuvenating night’s rest.  Unfortunately, our heads are often filled with the stressors from our daily lives that prevent us from falling asleep and staying asleep.  Perhaps the most literal (and most aggravating) example of one of these stressors that keep us and millions worldwide up at night is known as nocturia.

What is that, like a rave or something?  No…

Nocturia is the need to get up during the night in order to urinate, thus interrupting sleep. Its occurrence is more frequent in the elderly. Nocturia could result simply from too much liquid intake before going to bed (usually the case in the young), or it could be a symptom of a larger problem, such as sleep apnea,hyperparathyroidism[1], chronic renal failure, urinary incontinence, Interstitial Cystitis, diabetes, heart failure, benign prostatic hyperplasia, Ureteral Pelvic Junction Obstruction[2] or prostate cancer. -wikipedia.com

Suffering from nocturia means that you’re getting up frequently during the night to go pee.  As stated above, it could result from a number of different causes, but one thing that everyone can agree on is how annoying it is of an ailment.   You have to drag your groggy-self out of your warm, comfortable bed, stumble to the bathroom hoping you don’t trip on anything, and then blind yourself with the bathroom light as you find well-needed relief.

So, how can an electronic bidet seat ease my nocturia pains? Well, it won’t help you pee less frequently-but, what it can do is help alleviate the discomfort of having to blind yourself whenever you need to pee at night.  What? How? Several models of electronic bidet seats on the market today feature LEDs that light up the seat in the dark.  They’re bright enough to replace your nightlight, yet gentle enough to preserve your night vision.  No more bumping into and tripping over edges/corners/debris on your way back to bed because you’re blinded from the abrasive bathroom light.

The best example of this technology comes from NCM USA and their Blooming line of luxury bidet seats.  Just check this picture out:

pimp yo toilet seat

Right?!! How cool is that?  Pictured above is the Blooming NB-R770(we no longer carry this model; the NB-R1063 is the new flagship model from Blooming) Blooming’s high-end bidet seat that features a wireless remote control, a special aluminum coated nozzle, and of course its “Luminous LED” technology.  The soft blue glow appears only when the seat senses darkened lighting conditions so it doesn’t waste energy.  Blooming’s entire line of electronic bidet seats feature this Luminous LED technology as a standard option.

no more excuses for nighttime splatter

Although Blooming is at the forefront of this light-up bidet seat trend, other brands like CleanSense also provide a nightlight for its users.  The CleanSense dib-1500 and dib-1500R both have LEDs at the head of the units which create a soft blue glow at night similar to Blooming.  But, instead of lighting up the toilet bowl, the CleanSense bidet seat LED lights up the top of the unit.  Either way, the effect is the same: no more night blindness, no more missed toilet bowls (read: messy boys).