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This is an open box Alpha JX in ROUND WHITE. The unit has minor scuffs/blemishes on the upper housing.  Besides the cosmetic issue, the unit is 100% fully tested and functional.

The bidet seat has been plugged into water for testing.  This seat has NOT been used for actual toileting purposes.

All parts and accessories included are 100% new.

For more details on the Alpha JX Bidet Toilet Seat w/ Remote, please click here

California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS

Open box specials are final sale with no returns or exchanges.  Covered by 1 year manufacturer's warranty.


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Customer Reviews

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Alpha JX - great bidet

The bidet came well packaged with easy to follow installation instruction. My only prep work was to install new GFI power outlet closer to the toilet, as I did not want to have extension cord over my bathroom millwork. The bidet itself feels very solid and comfortable. Heated seat is a really nice feature especially in winter months. All the features are well thought out and well integrated into the design of this bidet. There are lots of nice features that really contribute to overall experience - remote control, LED night light, instant water temperature and many more. My wife and I both use different settings, so having memory setting would be pointless in our case, but could be a good option to have. Our previous bidet cracked after child sat on the lid, so having a rugged lid makes a difference. Overall great product that met all our expectations.

came in not working

I was very excited to get a bidet for the first time. Since I have never owned one I wanted to get a higher end model but couldn't quite afford the higher end model price-tag.
I went with an open-boxed item with the guarantee that it had never been sat on. I don't remember if it was also guaranteed to be a fully working unit or that it turned on. When I plugged it in for the first time, however it was constantly leaking from the nozzle. I went online to see if I was doing something wrong and to see solutions to this issue. Every explanation for this type/brand of Bidet was a broken nozzle. Luckily I have a mechanical engineering background so I decided to take it apart. After an hour of tinkering I found a Tiny spring in the back corner just laying there. long story short this spring was the plunger spring inside the main solenoid valve. this spring holds the valve closed until the unit wants to dispense the water. After reinstalling the spring The unit worked as expected.
The 3 star rating is in both the issue with this open boxed Item.This item doesn't just fall out during shipping. It leads me to believe that this may have been a refurbished unit that wasn't put back together perfectly. If I wasn't a mechanically inclined consumer this unit may have never been "Fixed". however it was discounted rather heavily and did technically "Work" just leaked...

As for the actual Alpha JX itself, the unit is well designed however the features are just ok. I didn't realize how useful a memory mode would be until every time I use it I have to quickly change the position before the spraying starts. The instant heat isn't exactly instant you do get a quick shot of cold water initially but then gets hot immediately after so not too bad there but that initial shot of cold water would be less so if it 'remembered' where to shoot.The air drying is lackluster and virtually pointless, it is not aiming correctly and performance in drying is negligible. Think of how terrible those hand dryers are at actually drying and they sound like a jet engine, now downscale that to a toy mister-fan and that is what they put in there. As for the size of the unit, after tearing it apart I realized that there is a lot of wasted space in there. This thing could have been about half the size allowing for a roomier seat. The components on the inside mostly are cheap, some are ok, none are great.
The other features like: the nightlight, sit-able lid, rugged simple remote, heated water, energy saver mode, and good pressure are all working which is the real reason why you buy this bidet. I, however, must give it 3 stars since the price doesn't match the internal component-quality and bidet-type features in my honest opinion.

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