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 Industry Leading Service

We take pride in making sure our customers are happy with their shopping experience at BidetKing.com. We guarantee each and every customer the best possible service available online. Find out what other customers are saying about the great service they received at BidetKing.com.

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Customer Testimonials

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We received the Infinity XLC-3000. Husband luckily is an electrician. This is almost answered prayer for me. I am visually impaired. I cannot tell you how wonderful I feel about this purchase. The cleanliness and freshness is beyond anything any wet wipe will ever give you.
I can tell you I wish I had know about these when I was in the middle of very agressive chemotheraphy. This would have been such a help. For anyone this is a fantasic addition to your home. But for the disabled in whatever form and elderly this could be so critical to their comfort and self confidence. For most of my working career we dealt with the elderly & disabled adults. Often there were issues of cleaniness. I do not work for this company or any company. I am thrilled I found BidetKing&was able to make this purchase. It does EVERYTHING it says it will do. Consistent warm water is worth the price. I was planning to order from Amazon but they do not offer the option to return. Thank you BidetKing, additionally your customer service reps are informative, reassuring and helpful.

Submitted LaJuan W on 01/14/2013

Thank you so much Bidet King!

I have progressive Multiple Sclerosis, and there are certain hygiene tasks that are becoming more difficult each day. Regardless of what my family wants, I made a decision to move to a nursing facility when toileting becomes too much for me to do alone. One day I had an idea to check out bidet seats, and now I'm blessed with more time living at home.

This is a fantastic product. I've had it for about 7 months, and couldn't be happier with it. I had a friend install it for me, but it looked easy enough for most able-bodied people . The fellow that installed mine was so impressed with the quality and features that he bought one for his elderly parents. They will no doubt enjoy the benefits their bidet will give them too. Years ago my thought of a bidet was something only wealthy people had, and I confess I didn't really understand much about them or the way they worked. The affordability of today's bidet seats and the benefits offered, should make this an easy decision. For young and old, healthy or no so healthy, I recommend the USPA 6800. This seat has given me something impossible to put a price on. I'm still living in my own home, so this is priceless for me. I don't know how these feedback comments work as far as privacy goes, but if you're in a similar situation and would like to speak with me about how this seat gives me more time in my own home, you could see if "The Bidet King" could make the connection for us.

MOST IMPORTANT- The bidet seat is only as good as the company that sells it. My personal experience with "The bidet King" has been nothing but exceptional. My email questions (both before and after my purchase) were answered quickly, professionally, and in a kind fashion. Finally, at the time I purchased my seat they offered 6 months without interest. I don't usually purchase on credit, but no interest was just the icing on the cake!

Submitted by David B on 12/19/2012

Great product! I've toyed with the bidet idea for years and never did any thing about it before now. I really couldn't see the idea of two fixtures in the bathroom. Thanks to Bio Bidet I have one compact unit that does just what it purports to do. It still is a shock to sit down on a WAREM seat in the middle of the night, WOW, what a pleasent shock. Everyone that has used the seat loves it and wants one. Why are Americans so shy about thier natural funtions? Great device. I'm really happy with the change in my life. Thanks.

Submitted by Heinz on 9/25/2012

Just to let you know I have been using a bidet for several years. We recently moved to a home in Las Vegas with two bathrooms and without realizing there was no room to put in a bidet. Very disappointed we let everyone know. My brother-in-law called and told us about Bio Bidet. We are extremely happy to now have the bidet, we so desperately needed.Than-k you so much for putting this on the market. The bidet is really easy to use and we are both in our eighties. Sincerely
Submitted by Rudolph on 9/19/2012

This device is wonderful! It has met my expectations for providing a gentle and thorough cleansing. Wish I'd known about it long before this!The quality of the materials is first rate
Submitted Lee on 9/9/2012

BidetKing sent along for free a normally $40 part that fixed our old bidet, along with our new order. We are delighted with their quick and friendly service.
Submitted by Button on 8/18/2012

Excellent product; excellent service. One of the 'free' gifts did not function appropriately; they replaced it without any questions.
Submitted by MikeB on 8/8/2012

I have had a very good experience with Bidet King. I would highly recommend this company.
Submitted by mkosov on 7/16/2012

THanks a lot. Just let you know I got it in my hotel already. Great service, thanks a  lot for your help as well.This will be our first one, we will try it out, might need more for our other bathrooms later as well. I will let you know.
Submitted by David Li on 6/20/2012

About 15 months ago I had purchased a COCO bidet seat from bidetking.com. I absolutely loved it until it slowly quit working. Coming back to this site, I see that they no longer sell the COCO bidet seats and I am guessing that it may have something to do with the fact that they quit functioning shortly after the warranty expires which speaks volumes for BidetKing. This model has a 3-year warranty so on a year-to-year basis, it is actually LESS expensive to purchase this bidet seat over other brands and that is if the bidet stops functioning after the warranty runs out.
Another awesome feature on this particular bidet is the wide spray option and anybody who has had their gallbladder removed will truly appreciate this feature as will anybody who has "reactive" food issues if you get my drift.
I ordered this bidet and received it within a week of my order date which I thought was pretty darned good.
Additionally, I was talking to a friend's mother who lives in Japan where they swear by the TOTO products and the Brondell Swash 1000 is almost identical in features for a fraction of the price! If you check out any videos from TOTO, you will notice that they are almost identical!
I am now considering the purchase of at least one more for one other bathroom in my house! (We have four bathrooms so the savings in toilet paper along with the cleanliness factor make these products fabulous in my book.)
The installation was quick and easy.
Kudos to BidetKing for yet another quality product at an affordable price and excellent service!
Submitted by Happy User in PA on 5/13/2012

I have two other bidets and ordered this unit for an elderly family member. She is LOVING it. Thanks!
Submitted by Jeff on 1/23/2012

Thanks so much. That is why we choose your company, the service is impeccable.
Submitted by Chris Olsen on 1/23/2012

This item is a replacement of an old model bidet by an other manufacturer. I am very pleased with this Bidet King model. I highly recommend it, we have them in both bathrooms.
Submitted by comfort on 1/15/2012

I was extremely pleased with the ease of ordering and the quick delivery of the product. This was a Christmas gift for my husband and he is thrilled with it. I would highly recommend BidetKing to anyone thinking of purchasing a bidet seat.
Submitted by Wedge on 1/6/2012

Have referred bidetking to all of our family and friends. The best service BY FAR and we all love our wonderful bidet seats. We chose the Brondell Swash 1000 after a recommendation from their phone support and couldn't be happier. We had a poor experience with another shop, but bidet king has been great. THANKS!!!!
Submitted b Stacey K on 1/31/2011

I purchased the 900 series. The product installed with no effort. I wish there was a 90 degree fitting for the water supply at the seat, this would change the supply hose from straight out of the seat to a downward position that would look nicer and less obtrusive.
Submitted by Louie on 11/10/2011

best experience I've ever had ordering online. i spent several weeks researching and the reps really guided me in the right direction. I'm really loving my new swash 1000. thanks james!
Submitted by susan on 11/1/2011

I purchased this item 18 months ago and I don't think I will ever want to live without a bidet again.
Submitted by Faith Shallis on 10/21/2011

I have purchased your bidet for by home commode and consquently 5 of my friends have purchased the same and all have been thoroughly satisified.
Submitted by Jo Mogiello on 9/27/2011

Bidet King provided an outstanding customer experience, from the online chat to get more information, to arranging to return a product I mismeasured, to sending out the right product quickly, to providing technical support for installation. I highly recommend Bidet King!
Submitted by Pam on 8/23/2011

I appreciate the quality of this Bidet. It is a second bidet I have ownedand this is the best one. Please use my entry to let the world know you have a great product. Worth the price it cost.Thanks,Bottom's Up.
Submitted by Bottom's Up on 7/7/2011

This is a first time buy from this site , it was great service , shipping fast and the simplest bidet to installed, I've got a Lotus electronic bidet, cost me $400.00 , do more funtion but still you don't need all that , I'll get one more for my daughter house , thanks .
Submitted by Dcompany on 6/29/2011

Everything came in time and fix like a glove.I will show this product to all my friends in aruba.Aruba beacose i am retire and have a house in aruba and every three mont i fligt back and fore.
Submitted by katirilula on 3/31/2011

I appreciate the very fast responses I received on email and your willingness to create a happy customer. I recommend your company highly.
Submitted by pubcat on 3/27/2011

Thanks so very much for your quick reply , and thank you so very  much for the 10 % off. I put the order in today. I will be your “mini rep” on spreading the good word how great  your bidets are and let my family and friends know about the discount. Thanks you so very much , we really appreciate. You are wonderful ! Have a great day, hugs.
Submitted by Stephanie Strong on 3/17/2011

I liked the rapid delivery of the product and am very satisfied with the performance of the bidet. Recommend that the control buttons light up when removed from the wall holder (for night usage).
Submitted by Gil on 12/27/2010

Thanks so very much for sending the pad and extra filter. it's really appreciated
I'm showing my bidet to all my friends and the are taking you web site. so you will probably have more sale coming up.My husband is very happy with the comfort that it is providing him. Again thanks you so very much. You have all our support  for spreading the word. Sincerely yours
Submitted by Denise Thibault on 10/26/2010

I am a 71 yr. old man some what over weight. I purchased my bidet and installed it on a two peice toilet, my purpose for sending this e mail is to let you know this product has made my life much more easy for my personal hygene. I only wish I would have bought one many years sooner. Thanks for a well made product. I have told everyone I know how great a product you have. Regards Ray Harris.
Submited by Ray Harris on 10/8/2010

The USPA works great for my family. They don't show the pictures of when it's open, but the back panel is hidden and there's no bump at the back of the seat. Very clean design and the functions are good - seat feels sturdy enough. Wish I found this years ago before I bought my TOTO washlet for $1500.
Submitted by William Fischer on 9/28/2010

like it better than my toto
Submitted by ric g on 8/18/2010

We bought a clean sense dib-1500 r from James back in December. It's been working well and we decided to get another one but we didn't like how much noise the 1500r made. The NB-R1060 was recommended by James as a simpler, higher quality seat and its been just that. The plastic feels much sturdier than the clean sens and the remote is smaller. It does not have deodorizer or tankless heater but I can tell what he means by higher quality. would recommend
Submitted by Davis on 6/25/2010

kids love the nightlight and the pressure on wash is good. decided between this and bb-1000 and am glad i went with this. its quieter than other seats ive tried
Submitted by BJ Kensey on 4/15/2010

Bought 3 for my house. One of the remotes didnt work but they replaced it quickly. since then theyve been great.
Submitted by G Tucker on 2/10/2010

Thank you for the consideration, I will place my order today.  Be assured that we will review this item and can tell you, in advance, that your help will be noted as most favorable. Happy and healthy New Year.
Submitted by Maryjayne Pecoraro on 12/22/2009

You have done an absolutely superb job.  I can't believe I got one of the rare defective ones, but heck it is being handled so great.  My husband and I own a business here in town so it is SO NICE to get the kind of service we give all day long.  I am sure you know what I mean!
Many thanks, Maryann
Submitted by Maryann Hill on 11/17/2009

The Bidet toilet seat attachmnent is the best purchase I have ever made for myself for personal comfort in the bathroom. It's an affordable bidet option, simple to install, effective and not unpleasant. Having warm water is great. The spray options are great. Not using as much, if any, toilet paper is great, (instead pat dry with a cloth). Seems "Green". I recommend this
Submitted by Ziyad Sayer on 8/3/2009