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How to Buy a Bidet Toilet Seat

Interested in buying a bidet toilet seat, but don't know where to start? Don't worry! We put together this bidet toilet seat buying guide just for you. This page will teach you what a bidet toilet seat is and what they can do, how bidet seats are installed and if your toilet is compatible, and lastly help you choose the best bidet toilet seat for your needs. You can bookmark this page for easy reference as it contains links to helpful bidet seat resources around the site. Enjoy!

What is a bidet seat?

A bidet seat is a toilet seat with bidet functionality that sits atop your existing toilet bowl and replaces your current toilet seat. A bidet seat's main function is to wash your rear with a comfortable stream of water in lieu of toilet paper.

How do bidet seats work?

At the press of a button, a nozzle will extend out and spray a jet of water at your rear. The water spray will cleanse your intimate areas much more effectively than toilet paper. When finished, the nozzle clean itself and retracts.


Some typical bidet seat features

bidet seat features

installation and fitment
What do i need?

1) A Compatible Toilet

Use the fitment guide to the right to check your toilet.

2) A water source

Your toilet should already have one on the left side.

3) An Electrical outlet

A standard 15A GFCI outlet. Yes, extension cords are fine.

bidet seat fitment

Toilet Fitment Guide

Is your toilet compatible with the bidet seat you want? 90% of residential toilets work just fine, but some 1 piece toilets cause issues for bidet toilet seats.

bidet installation

Installation Guide

Installing a bidet seat is often easy enough for DIY installation. Check our guide to see if you can handle it or would need to hire a service professional.

How do I choose a bidet seat?
best bidet seat for me

Best Bidet Seat for My Needs

Everyone has different needs. Read our guide to see which bidet seats we recommend for different user types.

Best Bidet Toilet Seats of 2019

6 best bidet seats of 2019

Our bidet experts have done the heavy lifting for you and compiled what we think are the 6 Best Bidet Toilet Seats of 2019.

bidet advisor

Try our bidet advisor quiz

Still need help choosing? Try out our interactive bidet seat advisor to get a custom list of recommendations based on your inputs.



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