Do you have that same, old standard shower in your bathroom? It probably does a decent job and you may not even have any complaints about it. However, there are still very good reasons to consider a high-tech upgrade. You may be surprised at the options you could include in your own shower. Why should you even consider spending the money to make your own shower high-tech?

Spa Bathroom

To begin with, it will create a better experience for you. Just imagine coming home after a hard day at work or a long session at the gym and stepping into a perfectly controlled spa experience. That sounds luxurious doesn’t it? Your own comfort is a good reason to upgrade your shower, but that isn’t all. If you think you may ever consider selling your home, it is absolutely vital that you upgrade the bathroom. This will offer you the best returns on your expenses and will make your home more appealing to possible buyers.

Digital Shower

The Digital Experience

One of the best upgrades you could make to your shower is to choose a digital model. These options create a spa-like experience that you will love from the very first moment you use it. The digital shower will include a variety of different features that allow you to create a perfect setting for each user in your home. Some of them are even remote controlled.

Digital Shower Temperature Control

Temperature Settings

The digital shower will allow you to control temperature to a precise degree. This is a big improvement. Have you ever struggled with the hot and cold water handles attempting to reach that right temperature only to be scalded one moment and then frozen the next? It can be so hard to get just the right setting in a traditional shower. A digital model will let you choose a temperature specifically.

Shower Patterns

Water Patterns

Sometimes, you may wish to change water patterns. For example, massaging or pulsating options can be perfect if you have tired and sore muscles. Rainfall showers can be relaxing and comforting. You shouldn’t have to lean under the shower water and get your head drenched just trying to make the changes though. Digital showers solve this since they are controlled with a simple touchpad on the wall or with a remote.

User Preset

User Settings

One of the best parts of upgrading to a digital shower will be specific user settings. Some models will allow you to actually program them to your preferred settings. This way, you won’t find yourself guessing every time you step in. Instead, you can simply press one button and enjoy the perfect shower for your preference. Everyone in the household will be able to enjoy their own personal settings as well.

LED Bathroom Lighting


An illuminated shower can be relaxing as well and will “turn your shower into a dazzling focal point.” (High Tech Bathroom Features) Often, they can be equipped with LED lights in various colors for a more immersive experience. This will take the final step to switch your bathroom from the same old same old to a true spa experience. You certainly will enjoy the big difference that a digital shower has to offer.

There are so many different reasons to consider upgrades in your bathroom. A digital shower will certainly be one of the first things you should add. Not only will you and your whole household enjoy the new experience, but also this will add so much value to your home. If you ever intend to sell your house, then you have to think of things that will appeal to a potential buyer. They will certainly look at the bathroom and high-tech options like a digital shower will certainly appeal to a wide variety of people.

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