The Kohler San Souci is a popular new toilet released by Kohler in 2015. It has an appealing one piece design, and if you’re reading this you probably own one, or are considering buying one. So now for the big question, “What bidet seats will fit the Kohler San Souci?”

Kohler San Souci Design

The Kohler San Souci is a fashionable toilet with its elegant curved tank and seamless one piece design.  However, its beauty is also its weakness. Due to its “French curve” tank design, the San Souci is not compatible with most bidet seats on the market. There is very limited space between the tank and the toilet seat bolt holes, and the width between the curves of the tank is narrow.  Luckily, the Kohler San Souci’s does have an elongated bowl which will at least allow for some bidet seats to fit.

Which Bidet Toilet Seats Will Fit the Kohler San Souci?

As of now, we can confirm the Kohler C3 230 bidet seat, the TOTO S300e washlet, and the TOTO 350e washlet will all fit the Kohler San Souci.

kohler c2 230

The Kohler C3 230 is the overlord of Kohler’s new bidet seat lineup. It comes with an amazing slim line look and state of the art technology. It features an easy-to-use touch screen remote that allows you to pre-set all your personal preferences. Additionally, the C3 230 includes a built-in night light that provides illumination for the bowl, and a UV light for sanitizing its stainless steel wand.


TOTO is a longstanding brand in the bidet market and their washlets are well-crafted. The TOTO S300e and S350e are their top of the line models and display TOTO’s wonderful construct of efficiency and technology. These TOTO washlets come with state of the art features including TOTO’s unique eWater+, a method of keeping your toilet bowl free of any matter or gunk. TOTO also includes a turbo wash for added power to its cleaning spray. The difference between the two models is that the s350e has an auto opening/closing seat and lid for a truly hands free experience, or simply added style.