Everyone likes saving money, but buying a bad bidet can ruin the overall experience and fun of owning a bidet in the first place. Trying to find an affordable bidet that’s still high quality can be a difficult task.  Here at Bidet King, we’ve put together this list that identifies some of the best quality ‘cheap’ bidets on the market. These bidets offer great quality for their price points and serve as excellent entry level choices. Without further ado...


Non-electric Bidet Attachments

Non-electric bidet attachments are the most affordable bidet option, but make sure you find a model with high quality metal fittings for a leak free experience.

At around $70 the Brondell Luxury Hand Held is a great option for those seeking a bidet sprayer. It’s durable, easy to use, and best of all, features all metal fittings and sprayer head. Avoid bidet sprayers that use all plastic hoses and fitting as they tend to leak over time.


At $149, the Gobidet 2003c Chrome Attachment is as good as it gets with bidet attachments.  It features all metal construction, adjustable nozzle position and spray pressure, and can be adapted for warm water with an optional hot water kit.  Its universal design allows it to fit virtually any residential toilet. While the GoBidet 2003C is pricier than other bidet attachments, its durable metal construction means it can last over 10 years.


 At around $50, the Bio Bidet Elite 3 is the perfect, ‘cheap’ bidet attachment . The elite 3 offers front and rear cleansing with a powerful spray, and installs easily on most toilets. It’s ideal for anyone just looking for simple hygiene in a high quality bidet attachment. 


  Brondell cleanspa luxury hand held bidet sprayer GoBidet 2003c chrome bidet attachment Bio Bidet Elite 3


Non-electric Bidet Seats

Non-electric bidet seats are perfect for users looking for a simple bidet solution that’s built into the toilet seat.  

At around $120 the Kohler Puretide K-5724 is a solid non-electric bidet seat that features nozzle angle adjustment and excellent design. Its side handle is a unique control arm that allows you to adjust the spray pressure as well as angle of the spray.  


At around $170 The Bio Bidet BB-i3000 sets itself apart with its ability to hook up to a hot water source for warm water cleansing.  It also features a powerful enema function and an optional soap dispenser for the front feminine cleanse.


At around $90 The Alpha One V2 is revered by customers for its sleek design, sittable lid, and simplicity of user and installation. It offers front and rear cleansing via a simple one lever control system and is the slimmest, lowest profile bidet seat on the market.  The Alpha One truly offers a superior value with its durable construction and affordable price tag.

 Kohler Puretide k-5724 Bio Bidet BB-i3000 Alpha One V2

Electronic Bidet Seats

While high end Electronic bidet seats can cost as much as $1000, there are some quality gems that can be found for under $400.

At around $350, the Kohler Novita BN-330 is a great choice for a side panel controlled bidet seat.  The BN 330 has a slim design with many features like warm water, dryer, and multiple spray options.  It’s backed by Kohler, one of the biggest names in kitchen and bath.


The Clean Sense DIB 1500R comes in at around $350 and is the most fully featured bidet seat in this category. It features endless warm water, front and rear wash, dryer, deodorizer and more.  Its dedicated enema function is not quite as powerful as higher end models, but it still gets the job done and is a popular feature.


At under $300, the Alpha iX Hybrid takes the cake in the cheap electric bidet category. The Alpha ix is an entry level priced bidet that meets the expectations of a higher end model. The Alpha comes loaded with a cool blue led night light, warm air dryer,  stainless steel nozzle, endless warm water and more. It has a unique, sleek design and its low price makes it extremely appealing.

 Kohler Novita Bn-330 Clean Sense Dib-1500R Alpha iX Hybrid Bidet Seat