“As bathrooms overtake kitchens as the nation’s top remodeling priority, more consumers are going high-tech: steams showers with built-in speakers, medicine cabinets with integrated TVs, and toilets with MP3/phone docking stations.” (Koch, 2012) The bathroom is a very important space for renovation for a few different reasons. This is one of the best rooms to upgrade if you plan on selling your home. It will offer the best returns. Additionally, since there are so many upgrades, you can make it more comfortable and easier to use for you and your family.

While you may not have the funds to add a television integrated into the mirror for your own bathroom, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a few high-tech upgrades. Consider the following:

Digital Showers

A digital shower will give you much more control over the temperatures, water flow and more. If you have ever stepped into the shower expecting a nice steamy flow of water only to be greeted by an icy burst, then you know how important it is for better temperature regulation. Digital showers will allow you to control spray patterns and water temperatures. Some models even have integrated music players. This will allow you to enjoy a more luxurious, comfortable bath or shower.

Bidet Seats

There are studies that show how bidets will actually be better for your health. They can help avoid urinary tract infections, which are painful, costly, and could be dangerous. Additionally, bidets help you maintain better hygiene and can be especially useful if anyone in your house is elderly or disabled.

Towel Warmers

If you have ever been to a spa, you know how luxurious it can be to enjoy a nice, warm towel. It certainly is a different experience from grabbing that room temperature one off the rack in your home. Now, you can upgrade your bathroom with a towel warmer. The warmers usually mount right on the wall and look like standard racks. However, they can keep your towels at a toasty temperature so that you can enjoy a spa experience each time you step out of the shower.

Heated Floors

Bathroom floors get so cold, and you can hike up the thermostat all you want to no avail. That tile or laminate will just be chilly, especially when you get up to use the facilities in the middle of the night. You can purchase specialty flooring that actually includes built-in heating elements. That means your bathroom floors will always maintain a comfortable temperature. This can be nice anytime of the year, especially during the winter. It can also help to lower your heat bill since you won’t constantly be turning the heat up to try and compensate for chilly feet.

Sensor Faucets

Sensor faucets are easier to use, more hygienic, and money saving. They only turn on when your hands are under them. This way, dirty hands won’t be touching faucet knobs right before clean ones. Additionally, they won’t use as much water since they turn themselves off automatically. This saves money and is a better choice for the environment.

The bathroom is a great space to upgrade. That’s because it will offer the most returns should you decide to sell your home and it will make for a more comfortable and luxurious living space for everyone in your household. There are numerous different high-tech options you could choose for your own bathroom upgrades. All you need to do is determine which of the choices would suit your household the most and then get started making the upgrades. You may just be surprised how you can turn your bathroom into a veritable spa.

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