logoGoogle is smart.  Its employees are brilliant.  Their search engine is amazing, they revolutionized the online marketing scene, and everything they do is freakin’ cool (wave).  The Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA is a place of wonder.  Employees get gourmet, organic meals for free, company cars to borrow, gyms, laundry service, and pretty much every perk you’ve ever imagined your dream job having, but on steroids. Google goes even further to make sure its HQ campus is at the forefront of environmentally friendly technology with things like its macrobiotic menu and massive array of solar panels over the parking lot.

So if Google went all out to provide these nifty, eco-friendly benefits for its employees, how do you think they outfitted the bathrooms?  You guessed it.  High-tech, electronic bidets seats for everyone.

The system, understood to be made in Korea, is among a range of perks at the ‘Googleplex – the company’s sprawling campus on the fringe of San Francisco. Others include a continuous supply of free food from the all-day canteen, and access to the communal bicycles that litter the grounds.

“I think it aids productivity,” one company employee said of the robo-bidet. “You come out of there ready to face work, clean as the day God made ya.”

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