USPA Bidet is a name that has been around the North American toilet seat bidet market for years.  Produced in Korea, USPA bidet seats combine the latest luxury bidet toilet seat features with a low profile streamlined look – evident in the new USPA 6800.

The USPA 6800 bidet is a bargain at $499.95 because it’s packed with every feature imaginable from a heated seat and warm air dryer to a deodorizer and special IIP pulsation function for constipation.   The USPA 6800 bidet has dual nozzles for added hygiene and comes with an upgraded water heater that provides an astonishing 45 seconds of warm water with only 600W of power.

The USPA 6800 bidet toilet seat not only performs like a champ, but is also a joy to look at.  When you open the lid, the back panel of the bidet seat is hidden to give it clean, crisp design lines.  This streamlined design matches the decor of any bathroom and also provides peace of mind with its 3 year limited warranty.

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