Wall hung toilets have become increasingly popular as they give a clean, modern look to the bathroom. They look great, but can you install a bidet toilet seat on a wall hung toilet?  It depends on that exact model of toilet, but generally, yes bidet seats can be installed on wall hung toilets with some extra considerations.

Water Supply

To the left, bidet hose and t-valve configuration. To the right, Wall hung toilet.

With a wall hung toilet, the water supply, flushing mechanism and drainage hole are all concealed within the wall.  This a problem for bidet seats because the bidet itself needs a water supply connection. With a conventional floor standing toilet, the water shut off valve and toilet fill valve are exposed on the left-hand side when facing the toilet.  However, wall hung toilets are meant to have a clean, minimalist appearance so they generally do not have an exposed water supply or shut-off valve next to it.

If you’re in the middle of a remodel, this can be a simple fix as you can just have the plumber or contractor place an exposed shut-off valve next to the toilet to supply the bidet seat.  A ½” IPS pipe thread would be the ideal size.  This would allow you to connect the bidet toilet seat’s supply hose directly to the shut-off valve and eliminate the need for a t-valve.

On the other hand, if you’re not currently remodeling, you’ll have to consult a plumber to see how difficult it would be to add a shut-off valve next to the toilet.  Every bathroom has a different setup, so the difficulty of this will vary greatly.

Also, don’t forget that bidet seats also require a nearby electrical outlet to plug into.

Mounting the Bidet Toilet Seat

Bidet mounting plate installed on toilet

The second potential issue you may encounter when trying to install a bidet seat on a wall hung toilet is the fitment of the bidet’s mounting bracket. This issue will vary depending on the exact model of toilet and some are easier fixes than others.

On a conventional floor mounted toilet, the bidet’s mounting bracket fits over the toilet seat mounting holes and is secured with a long bolt with a nut tightened from underneath the bowl.  For a toilet that has a skirted design, you would need to use top mounting bolts in place of the bolt/nut setup since the bottom of the bowl is not accessible.

This is the case with most wall hung toilets as 90% of wall hung toilets are skirted. Many wall hung toilets will come with top mounting bolts  to fasten a toilet seat already, and in some instances these top mounting bolts can be used for your bidet’s mounting bracket.  But, if that isn’t the case or the bolts are not compatible then you will need to purchase some with your bidet seat.

To the left, wall hung toilet, to the right, top mounting bolts

The distance between the bolt holes is another potential issue on wall hung toilets.  The standard distance between toilet seat bolt holes is 5.5”.  Many bidet seat mounting brackets can accommodate a range of 5”-7“.  However, there are some specialty wall hung toilets that have an extreme distance of up to 10” apart.  In these unique cases, you would need to devise some sort of custom setup to secure the bidet seat’s bracket to the bowl.

Unique Toilet Bowl Shape or Design

wall hung toilet in fancy restroom

Since wall hung toilets are generally meant to be luxurious with high end design, some models have unusual bowl shapes.  For example, some Duravit branded wall hung toilets have a unique squared bowl design. Even if you were able to mount a bidet seat to the bowl, the shape of the seat would not match the shape of the bowl and it would create a very odd aesthetic.  On a dimmer note, some Duravit wall hung toilets have the extreme 10” distance between its toilet seat bolt holes as discussed above.


With proper planning, a bidet toilet seat can be installed on a wall hung toilet without much fuss.  However, if the toilet is already installed and the bathroom walls finished, there are some hurdles that would need to be addressed for a successful installation.  Examine your toilet, consult a plumber, and plan accordingly.  You can also consult our team of specialists at any time by sending us pictures or bathroom plans.