UPDATE November, 2012: The Blooming NB-R1060 has since been replaced by the NB-R1063

In the world of bidet toilet seats, it’s not often that we come across a seat that surprises us.  Most seats available on the market today have roughly the same features, same overall design, and are relatively on par with each other in terms of quality.  About once every year or so we come across a bidet seat that makes us take a step back and say, “Hey, I think we got ourselves a good one here!” Last year, it was the Clean Sense dib line with its affordable inline water heater.  The year before that, it was the COCO 6035R that wowed us with its overall aesthetics and continuous heating system.  This year? It’s the Blooming NB-R1060.

First, a little background information on Blooming Bidet.  The Blooming line of bidet toilet seats is produced by NCM Corporation in South Korea.  Blooming has been selling their electronic bidet seats successfully in Japan for years. NCM Corp. is South Korea’s largest exporter of toilet seat bidets and has been manufacturing well known brands like Sanyo for the last 20 years.  The quality of Blooming bidet seats rivals that of much more expensive Japanese brands (*achem* TOTO*achem*), but without the hefty price tag.

The previous line of Blooming bidet toilet seats, including the NB-520, NB-560, NB-570, and NB-R770, were great quality seats with a host of functions, but had 1 major flaw.  They were kind of bulky in the rear and only fit 2 piece toilets.  If you have a 2 piece toilet, great! Otherwise, you were a little SOL. Enter, the new Blooming NB-R1060.

The NB-R1060 bidet seat is such a great value because it takes all of Blooming’s wonderful features and quality and stuffs them into a beautiful, sleek package.  It rivals the Infinity bidet toilet seats in terms of aesthetics and is on par with INAX, TOTO, and Japanese brands in terms of top-notch quality materials and construction. It features a very small footprint like the Brondell Swash 1000 and also has a rounded back which allows it to be installed on most 1 piece toilets – including some models with those pesky french curves.

As with all of Blooming’s toilet seat bidets, the NB-R1060 features their trademark Aluminum Coated Nozzles and Luminous LED Night Light.

Blooming bidet seat ledBlooming bidet seat led and nozzles

If we haven’t already said that the Blooming NB-R1060 has great quality – it does.  The seat and lid are the strongest that we’ve seen on the market next to INAX.  They have a great, heavy feel to them and don’t bend when you apply lots of pressure.  We tested it by closing the seat and lid and sitting on it.  At 180lbs, I didn’t feel any “give” whatsoever.

Functionally, the Blooming NB-R1060 performs as well as any other bidet seat on the market.  The wireless remote also has a nice heavy feel to it and is easy to use. The only feature that truly stands out is its warm air dryer.  Compared to other seats on the market, the NB-R1060 has one of the strongest warm air dryers that we’ve experienced.  This is especially useful for folks with limited mobility or anyone wishing to rid themselves of toilet paper completely.  Keep in mind – it will still take up to 1-2 minutes to be fully dried.

Negatives – In testing, we found two drawbacks that may deter some folks from owning this bidet seat.  First, is the absence of an enema wash function.  The enema function is useful for folks suffering from constipation, but the NB-R1060 only has the rear wash and feminine bidet functions.  The second drawback is the lack of an inline heater / continuous heating system.  Although Blooming has suggested that it will be implementing an inline heater for this model in the future, the current NB-R1060 uses a “tank-type” heater.  This means that if you wash with warm water, the stream will begin turning cooler after 25-30 seconds of wash.  For the 90% of people who only wash for 20 seconds or less, this is a non-issue.   For others, it’s a deal breaker.  Personally, we here at BidetKing.com don’t mind it at all.  It simply signals to us that we’re clean =).

We love the Blooming NB-R1060 bidet toilet seat and think you will too.  Scroll down for some real-life pictures of the model we used to test.  Enjoy, and don’t forget to visit BidetKing.com for the best bidet deals on the internet!

Blooming NB-R1060 side view

Blooming NB-R1060 Open

Blooming NB-R1060 Top

Blooming NB-R1060 LED

Blooming NB-R1060 Dark