An important feature for many users when shopping for a bidet toilet seat is strong spray pressure. This makes sense because bidet seats with strong spray pressure tend to be more effective in actual cleansing. The ability to have soothing low pressure spray, while also being able to amp the pressure up when needed is a valuable feature. That being said, the majority of bidet seat users find that average spray pressure is more than enough to get clean. The stronger spray is more important for larger users, or users that have grown accustomed to a stronger spray from their previous bidet seats or non-electric bidet attachment. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 3 bidet toilet seats with the strongest spray pressure and how they rank against each other.

Honorable Mention: Alpha GX Wave - This entry level bidet toilet seat from Alpha Bidet has a surprisingly robust spray in its Rear+ mode. This spray puts out just over 1L/min of cleansing spray. The pressure is solid and the generous volume of water gives users an effective cleanse for the rear. This model does not have an enema function but its Rear+ mode is as strong as any other rear wash on the market today.

3) TOTO S550e Washlet - No surprise here. The TOTO S550e washlet is the highest end luxury bidet seat that money can buy. While previous generation and lower end TOTO washlets had a severe lack in spray pressure, the S550e and S500e models solved that issue with a special “hard spray” option. Press the rear wash button once and the standard mode is a wider, softer spray pattern. Press the rear wash button a second time and spray changes into a stronger, more focused spray pattern that should be powerful enough for all users.

2) Bio Bidet BB-2000 - The reigning champion of strong spray pressure is Bio Bidet. Their flagship BB-2000 Bliss (and BB-1700) model does not disappoint and has the strongest spray pressure of any bidet toilet seat that offers endless warm water. Its hybrid heating technology ensures that the spray is warm from start to finish. The regular rear wash is a top notch, aerated stream with similar force to the Alpha GX Wave’s Rear+ and the TOTO S550e’s hard spray modes. What sets the BB-2000 apart is that it also has an enema function. The enema function is a narrow, extra powerful spray that helps alleviate constipation. If you’re looking for a luxury bidet toilet seat that doesn’t break the bank and require a strong spray, the Bio Bidet BB-2000 is the seat you want.

1) Bio Bidet BB-1000 - The Bio Bidet BB-1000 bidet toilet seat takes the cake when it comes to spray pressure. Although this model is over ten years old, its popularity continues due to its amazing performance. The Bio Bidet BB-1000’s spray pressure far exceeds most bidets, exceeding even its successor the BB-2000 by about 15%. The BB-1000’s enema function is also the strongest of any electronic bidet seats on the market. The BB-1000 achieves this great spray pressure due to its tank type heating system. The seat builds up pressure inside the tank before pumping it out in a comfortable stream. For the most discerning users who only care about having the strongest spray + enema function and are willing to sacrifice a new technology, there is nothing else like the BB-1000.

Interested in how the rest of our bidet toilet seats stack up in terms of spray pressure strength? Here's a chart where we ranked some of our most popular bidet seats:


Chart rating each bidet based on spray pressure