So a couple months back, I had the pleasure of helping my mother install her brand new Bio Bidet BB-800 Elongated Bidet Seat.  I took alot of pictures during the whole process with the hopes that I would put together a step-by-step bidet seat installation guide.  Well, the bidet installation guide is still on its way, but here’s a little teaser for everyone. Here’s my review for the Bio Bidet BB-800 Prestige.

bb800 boxThe toilet we chose to “bidet equip” in my parents’ house was beige in color and elongated in shape.  They had a two piece toilet so fit wasn’t going to be an issue.  We ordered the bidet from our plug) and it arrived in a nice big cardboard box (duh) after a week.

The box looked pretty legit, but you’d expect that from a well equipped $400 electronic bidet seat. Bio Bidet is a major player in the US electronic bidet seat market and has a headquarters here in the states.  Their bidets are definitely Korean made though, and that’s a good thing.  Korean bidet brands are known to be made with great quality – comparable to their Japanese counterparts, but much more affordable.  Compare this seat to the TOTO S400 Washlet which goes for damn near $700.

Anyways, after we finished unpacking everything (there’s not that much) we laid all the parts out.  These lower res pictures doesn’t do the bidet seat justice but you can feel the quality of it.  The finish was impeccably smooth and the bidet seat in general just had a nice and heavy, quality feel to it.


You can see the BB-800 here with its included parts:

  • (2) Water connection hoses
  • (1) T-valve connector
  • (2) Plastic mounting bolts/washers/nuts
  • (1) Plastic mounting bracket (with metal 2 frames)
  • (1) Spanner tool (like a janky wrench)
  • (1) 3/8′ to 1/2″ metal adapter (didn’t need it)
  • (1) Quick user guide
  • (1) User manual

Installation was a breeze and took about 30 mins with a break in the middle.  I’ll be posting the fullstep-by-step electronic bidet seat installation guide here soon enough as proof, but just take my word for it.  To install, you need a wrench (preferably one that locks) and plumbers tape.  To give you an idea of how easy these things are to install, I didn’t even use a wrench on this bad boy.  The spanner tool that they included with the kit was more than enough.

Using the Bio Bidet BB-800 for the first time was great.  I’ve had the CleanSense dib-1500Rinstalled on my own toilet for quite some time now, and the BB-800 is definitely on par with that bidet seat in terms of both overall craftsmanship, and cleaning action.  The nozzle on the BB-800 is very similar to the dib-1500 in that it is a single nozzle that is used for the various cleaning actions (with different holes for the feminine clean/enema function).  Nature wasn’t calling at the time of installation, but I did sit down and let Bio Bidet’s pride and joy massage me for a minute.  Felt great ;) .


The control panel on the BB-800 is sleek and stylish.  It’s extremely intuitive and my mom had no problems figuring out which buttons did what (keep reading).  The buttons feel nice to the touch and the lights are easy to read.  The 1-page quick guide is very clear and comes with a suction cup to mount near your bidet in case you forget what the Turbo button does.  Oh, that turbo button. One would think it’d be used for a quick clean…maybe a 15 sec spray with auto-shut off?  Nope, it’s the enema function.  Watch out for that.

The BB-800, like with most electronic bidet seats around this price range, comes with economy mode and self-cleaning nozzles.  A lot of people ask me, “Doesn’t the spray head get dirty when it washes you?”.  The answer: self-cleaning nozzles.  When you first sit down on the seat, you will hear some water trickling in the toilet.  It might catch you off guard at first, but it won’t splash you.  It’s the bidet seat sensing that someone is on the seat, and it flushes the nozzle with a jet of water in its casing.  It does the same thing after it’s done spraying you.  Nice.

bb800lightsThe economy mode is pretty cool too.  The BB-800 comes with 2 economy modes (I have no clue with the second one does yet).  Economy mode is basically the on-board computer chip learning about your poop habits.  Wait, what? Yeah, these things are smart enough to learn your poo schedule so that it can save energy during ‘non-peak’ hours.  Fancy stuff.

Overall, I’d rate the Bio Bidet BB-800 a 9/10.  It would’ve been a 9.1 if not for the damned Turbo button (j/k).  It’s pretty much the top of the line when it comes to electronic bidet seats with a side control panel.  The major knock against it is that it doesn’t include a deodorizer and the ability for user presets at its price point.  Still, a damn fine bidet seat for the money.