Meet Buddha.

Buddha (not his real name) is a good friend of  He supports the blog, enjoys bathroom humor, and is the newest advocate of our “Spreading the goodness of bidets” movement.  Buddha is typically a pretty bright fellow, but surprisingly he wasn’t always a fan of bidets.

Buddha was your classic, “I’ve been wiping my own butt with toilet paper for over 2 decades now, why the heck would I start spraying it with water – that’s weird” bidet hater.  Yup, he wanted no part of aerated streams of water gently, yet thoroughly cleansing his rear.  He preferred toilet paper.  Buddha had a perfectly valid point at the time – he’s gotten this far in life without needing a bidet, why would he want to start using one now? Why indeed.

Last week, Buddha fell victim to an unfortunate accident that left him with a broken right hand (his dominant hand).  He struggled with a swollen hand for most of the week until he finally went to the doctor’s office and was outfitted with a rigid cast.  Cast in hand, Buddha fumbled through the bulk of his daily activities without major issue.  He could drive, type on a computer, and even play a little ping-pong.  But, when nature came calling – Buddha was lost.

Buddha didn’t anticipate the difficulty he would have wiping himself with a cast on.  It’s bulky, rigid, and doesn’t allow for wrist movement.  He tried using his left hand, but without any practice his wipes were crude and off the mark.

The next day, Buddha came by the office and made an unusual request, “Hey…uh…can I use your toilet?” Most businesses are put off by this sort of inquiry but here at, we relish it (we have a CleanSense dib-1500r bidet seat installed on the toilet).  “Of course Buddha, try not to smile when you come out.”  Needless to say, Buddha came out giggling like a school girl.

Moral of the story: Electronic bidet toilet seats are great for persons with limited mobility.  And if someone doesn’t believe in the benefits of bidet use, break their hand.

Final score:

Bidets 1, Buddha 0