The Alpha GX Wave and TOTO C100 SW2034 washlet are two of the best performing entry-level bidet seats with side panel controls.  The GX Wave produces strong performance in a slim, low profile design.  While the C100 is a pillar in the value bidet seat market made by industry powerhouse TOTO.   So how do these high quality entry level seats match up against each other? Let’s compare the Alpha GX Wave and TOTO C100 head to head so you can find out which one  is the best for you.

The Alpha GX is an ideal entry level choice for anyone looking for a contemporary looking bidet seat with a slimline body design. Standing at just 5.4 inches at its highest point, it is one of the lowest profiles for a bidet seat out on the market. You’d be hard pressed to find a bidet at an entry level price range with a lower body height. The Alpha GX’s lid also gently slopes down, giving it a nice and tight modern touch, keeping any bathroom design aesthetically pleasing. The Alpha GX is composed of polypropylene plastic, and can withstand up to 320ibs while its lid can withstand up to 200ibs.

The TOTO C100 is a bit bulkier than the Alpha GX as well as most other units on the market. Design and aesthetic are not its strong suit as the C100 stands at 7.5 inches high. The lid on the TOTO C100 does slope bringing the seats height down at the front, however the rear portion of the unit does stand pretty high and can be a turn off for anyone who desires a low profile and discreet bidet seat. The TOTO C100 is also constructed with polypropylene plastic which can withstand 320ibs, however its lid is not sittable and is highly susceptible to cracking due to its protruding height.

Both models are available in round and elongated.

Alpha GX Wave and TOTO c100 side by side comparison
MeasurementAlpha GX WaveTOTO C100
Front Height1 5/8"1 7/16"
Rear Height5 1/4"7 3/4"
Length (Elongated)20 7/8"20 7/8"
Length (Round)19 1/4"19 1/4"
Width18 7/10"18 13/16"
Electrical Cord45"48"

Spray Capability
When it comes to spray pressure both units are great in performance, as well as hitting an above average mark for the industry standard when set on their highest settings.

The Alpha GX has 3 wash modes: Feminie Wash, Rear Wash, and a Rear Plus wash. The rear wash and feminine wash are both gentle aerated sprays that gently wash away matter from your body. The Rear Plus feature is a slightly less aerated spray that puts out a robust stream of water, about 1 liter per minute. The Alpha GX’s Rear Plus stream is powerful and effective for cleansing, as well as being one of the most inexpensive powerful sprays on the bidet market. Spray pressure of this caliber is rarely found on a seat under $300 and can only be expected at price points north of $500.

The TOTO C100 also has 3 spray modes: Feminine Wash, Rear Wash, and Hard spray. The Feminine and Rear Wash are much like all bidets with aerated sprays, being gentle to the touch. The Hard Spray is a narrower spray that adds a bit more air to achieve a stronger spray than its Rear Wash and Feminine Wash spray. Compared with the GX Wave’s Rear Plus wash, the C100’s Hard spray is narrower, with less volume, but still very strong and very effective for cleansing.

The feminine spray on both models offers a gentler spray with a wider spray pattern.

Water Heating
The TOTO C100 has a tank water heater. What this means is that the hot water is limited to about 40 seconds of warm water per wash. After the 40 seconds the water slowly begins to cool. Unlike many other tank type units the TOTO C100’s water will begin to cool but will never get fully cold. The water will remain at a lukewarm temperature for the remainder of the wash.

The Alpha GX’s water heater is a hybrid water heater. This means that there’s a smaller internal reservoir with preheated water, but also continuous heating. This smaller reservoir allows the seat to be much sleeker in design. The end result is warm water that lasts about 40 seconds before turning cooler. Again, the spray never really turns cold either.

Unique Features
Both the Alpha GX and the TOTO C100 come with the industry standard features.They don’t differ much and are nearly neck and neck in performance.There are only a few features that differ from one another which we will dive into.

Sittable Lid - The GX offers a sittable lid where the TOTO C100 does not. Due to its curvature the Alpha GX’s lid can withstand up to 200ibs of weight. The TOTO C100 on the other hand cannot take any weight to its lid without nearly breaking or dislodging the lid from the seat.

Deodorizer - While the deodorizer on many units is not being the most effective feature on a bidet seat, the C100 does have a carbon deodorizer that does help ease odor. The Alpha GX on the other hand does not have a deodorizer.

LED Nightlight - The Alpha GX comes loaded with an LED nightlight that lightly illuminates your toilet as well as restroom, ideal for night time users who don’t like turning on the lights. The TOTO C100 does not have a night light.

Premist - The TOTO C100 has a unique premist feature limited to TOTO units. This premist helps prevent foreign masses as well as bodily releases from sticking to the toilet bowl, helping keep your bowl sanitary. The Alpha GX does not have this feature.

FeatureAlpha GX WaveTOTO C100
Adjustable NozzlesYesYes
Adjustable Spray PressureYesYes
Adjustable Water TemperatureYesYes
Self Cleaning NozzleYesYes
Hard Spray/Plus SprayYesYes
Heating SystemHybridTank
Pulse ModeYesYes
Nozzle OscillationYesYes
Heated SeatYesYes
Soft Close LidYesYes
Warm Air DryerYesYes
Energy Saving ModeYesYes
Round Size?YesYes

Side Panel Control

bidet side panel remote side by side comparison

Both the TOTO C100 and Alpha GX have side panel controls that are attached to the bidet seat. They each have their unique styles but the layout is the conventional industry standard layout. The Alpha GX side panel is a bit more streamline and closer to the seat, while the TOTO C100’s side panel is a bit thicker but slightly easier to read as the buttons for some of the functions are bigger. Which one is preferable is up to you the beholder.

Nozzle Construction
The TOTO C100 offers an antimicrobial single plastic nozzle. The Alpha GX offers a single stainless steel antimicrobial nozzle. Both nozzles are capable of self cleaning while also offering enough reach and adjustability for the user.

The GX Wave and TOTO C100 are both covered by 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranties that cover parts and labor typically found on most entry level bidet seats.

Overall, both the TOTO C100 as well as the Alpha GX Wave are fantastic choices with great quality for their price. The question of ‘which is better’ comes down to what you value most in a bidet seat. If you prefer a sleeker low profile design, sittable lid and a more voluminous cleansing spray, go with the GX Wave. If you want the TOTO name and clout, pre-misting of the toilet bowl, and an automatic deodorizer - then the C100 is the bidet seat for you. Both offer great cleansing performance at entry level pricing and from BidetKing’s perspective, you can’t go wrong with either choice.