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Authorized Internet Retailer

As an Authorized Internet Retailer, BidetKing.com will make sure your online buying experience will feature the type of service, product support, and security that you expect and deserve.


Enjoy the peace of mind that the product's warranty will be honored 

As an authorized retailer for all of the brands we carry from Bio Bidet and Brondell to Maddak and Drive Medical, BidetKing.com is able to provide its customers with the highest level of protection for their purchases.  Unlike auction sites and fly-by-night websites, BidetKing.com's customers can rest assured that their manufacturer warranties will be honored.


You'll know the products you buy were intended for the U.S. market 

Certain "gray market" units can look the same as the products we carry, but are not intended to be sold in the US. They're not likely to be UL listed and probably don't meet the performance and safety standards in this country. They may also be difficult or impossible to service without available parts.

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