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Bio Bidet IB 835 Integrated Bidet Toilet Combination

Bio Bidet IB 835 Integrated Bidet Toilet Combination

Product Review (submitted on July 18, 2017):
My review will be more in depth, purchased from BidetKing with no problems, product arrived in a timely fashion in perfect condition. I remodeled my half bath and install this new bidet with the assistance of my local plumber. It takes a standard toilet flange slightly above floor level. Once the beeswax seal is applied to the toilet you need to place it over the seal and press it down. The provided screws and nylon L-shaped brackets come with a template to attach them to the floor. You will need to provide the correct drill bit in order to drill thru the floor, in my case hard tile. I purchased the bits at Home Depot, cost was about $8 dollars each. I was able to drill the holes with a single bit but it was not easy, use plenty of water to keep the bit cool when drilling. Once the toilet was placed and the provided screws and chrome caps installed the toilet is very attractive with a low profile. Hookup to water line should be done to the tank before setting the toilet to aid in correct alignment with the provided fittings. The unit comes with a water filter installed in the line feeding the bidet functions, there is a T coupling which branches off to feed water to the tank which isn't filtered. System worked great for the first few days then the remote control would lock up randomly. I called BidetKing and they sent me out a temporary replacement in a few days. It had all the functions as the remote that came with it but not as attractive. They said that I would get and exact replacement in a week or two and I did! Now it works flawlessly.
My wife and I really enjoy the benefits of using a bidet, i.e., hardly any toilet paper use, a very clean fresh feeling after use and no odors! The system comes with and air freshener which really works! So far, (after about a month of use,) we absolutely love it! Highly recommend BidetKing and the Bio Bidet IB 835.
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