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Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme Bidet Seat w/ Remote

Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme Bidet Seat w/ Remote

Product Review (submitted on January 28, 2013):
"""I purchased my BioBidet (BB 1000) in March of 2010. This was one of the smartest purchases that I've ever made.

I own and operate a fairly large horse boarding, training and lesson facility, and I do a lot of horse back riding. During the summer months, I can get easily chafed in those ""personal"" areas due to the tight fitting riding breeches and the friction caused from being in the saddle. So, in an attempt to prevent problems, this year, I purchased the BB 1000 so I could do a cleansing and refreshment of ""those"" areas during the day without having to strip down to do a full shower (no time for that during the busy work day). It's now nearly six months later, and the hottest summer months have passed, and sure enough, I don't know how I could have survived without my BB 1000. The unit worked perfectly as advertised and helped me to stay clean and fresh through out the day.

The unit was easily installed by my husband in less than a 1/2 hour and the directions and the unit's remote were very easy to understand. Other than when I've been traveling away from home (and missing my BB 1000), the unit has been used at least twice per day without problems. The heated seat was a treat during the cold months this spring. The warm water was as well. Even in the summer, I set the water temperature up just a bit. I also really like the seat cover closer. This is a real neat feature that I didn't expect to be so handy.

In addition to fulfilling my goals for ""summer"" cleanliness, the BB 1000 has served me well for other hygiene needs. It works great for those ""cleaning up after's"" and has reduced my usage of toilet tissue. The dryer feature works great and also helps to reduce irritations.

Before I bought the BB 1000, I did do quite a bit of research and comparisons of the various bidet seat units that are on the market. The BB 1000 had the most features for the price range, without a doubt. The warrantees and other good ""testimonials"" all contributed to my decision to purchase the unit. I was also impressed with the quick delivery, as once I had made my mind up to get the unit, I wanted it right away!

So, I am a very happy customer, and user of the BioBidet product, the BB 1000. I have highly recommended this to my family and friends. Thank you for making such a great product. It's a pleasure to buy something that works and does what it says it's going to do!"""
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