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Bio Bidet Elite 3 Natural Water Dual Nozzle

Bio Bidet Elite 3 Natural Water Dual Nozzle

Product Review (submitted on January 13, 2017):
I usually go for the metal biddets that have the ability to shower your tush. I really like those better but I wanted to try something different to see how it worked. Ofcourse the biddet works but I gave it 3 stars for the following reasons. 1) you have to move your tush around to get the water to clean your hiney. I found this less than ideal and a few times I would need to reclean because it just wasn't getting everything off 2) the pressure is really insane. yes, I know you can adjust the pressure, but even the low end shoots a high impact stream at one area of your butt. Frankly, it could hurt and not clean you so I wasn't a fan of this one. I would opt for going with the metal shower head that can move the water around to wherever you need it.
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