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TOTO s350e Washlet w/ Remote

TOTO s350e Washlet w/ Remote

Product Review (submitted on January 11, 2017):
This is my wife and my second Toto Washlet. We prefer the older one (S300) over the new S350e with two exceptions; the lights and auto open and close of the lid.
Both Washlets are great and do exactly what they are suppose to do; clean you. However, the many key features we enjoy are included in the next generation of Toto's. Comfortable and warm seat. The many sprayer functions with targeted controls. A Dryer that works well. The new S350e is loader, spray is too broad and cover too much. Consequently, this requires more dry time and paper to complete the job. But being we have a comparison between the 2 best units in the market we have been spoiled and now have a preferred location to do our daily routine!
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