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GoBidet 2003C Chrome Bidet Attachment (For 1 and 2 Piece Toilets)

GoBidet 2003C Chrome Bidet Attachment (For 1 and 2 Piece Toilets)

Product Review (submitted on August 4, 2016):
When I first used a Go Bidet it was in a rental property in the Florida Keys. I was hooked.
When I got home I bought one from Home Depot (They carried them back in the early 2000’s.) Installed it
and have been using ever since. However, just last year I want to upgrade with a new one since the braided hose was getting
raggedy looking. Seems they weren’t being made at the time but learned an upgraded model was in production and would be shipped
soon. Once available I bought it online and installed it instantly.

OK, so lets be a little gross for a minute. I learned that by taking out the check valve the water comes out with a lot of force. It is not only
good for cleaning the butt but will act as a mini enema when the nozzle is directed in just the right place. That allows the user to really flush out the lower
part of the colon for a really clean job.

Another plus, I used to have small hemorrhoids... During one of my physicals, the doctor asked if I had surgery to remove them. I told him no, just using the
Go Bidet. It seems the cold water, (No you don’t need a hot water hook-up as cold works just fine) shrunk my hemorrhoids to where they were virtually invisible.

If you use your Go Bidet like we use ours, you will never want to be without one. When traveling we have one of the little squeeze bottle portable bidets.

Thanks BidetKing for a great product.

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