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Alpha JX Bidet Toilet Seat w/ Remote

Alpha JX Bidet Toilet Seat w/ Remote

Product Review (submitted on April 11, 2016):
Aging, children, life have made me very sensitive "down there", not to mention frequent UTIs etc. After a family friend, a retired nurse, mentioned the wonderful bidet seats on her trip to Japan; she commented on the fact that I should have one of these with my issues. In summary, the family loves it and I haven't had to see a doctor in the 5 months we've owned it where I was in there practically every month over the past year.

I did research on the best one to suit mine and the family needs: able to sit on lid, tankless water heater due to cold climate where we live, ability to accommodate vastly different size humans, simple options but with ability to oscillate, adjust nozzle, stream, feminine wash, the common sense things. But it has even more bells and whistles and that's fine. I even spoke with customer service who steered me toward another model due to the size/weight difference between my husband and myself, but opted to go with the Alpah JX. Note: it works very well on a 6'6", 250ish pound man. The kids love it! The water pressure and temperature is adjustable for tinier people. My husband, who thought I was being extravagant, had to concede shortly after the purchase that it is wonderful and has recently come home from work travels saying his hiney hurts because he must use hotel grade paper on his dainty parts. He misses the bidet. I couldn't be happier, it is nice to know you are clean and not having to apply anything that might be potentially abrasive (TP) has really helped with my sensitive skin.

After installing a plug off my light switch (approximately $27 in materials and 2 hours of time) the seat was very easy to install and took about 15 minutes. In retrospect, the heated seat is the bomb especially on winter mornings and just anytime. The night light is bright and we leave it off. It is not overly loud either. But I will say the water does mist/spray out between the seat and toilet base but I can live with that. Also, the dryer does not leave you bone dry after the 3 minutes. That does not bother me either, it is not as if you will be soaking through any clothes or anything like that should you choose to not dab yourself dry with a few squares. I find that we have saved a lot of toilet paper. A plus if you are on a septic system. Some people might comment on water usage, but let's get real, it is a small stream of water versus loading the public sewer or septic with paper to process that stuff with more water. If you are on the fence, I hope this review helps. The warranty seems very good, however, we have had no issues to date to put it to the test and the seat is used about 6 times a day during the week as it is located in the master bedroom. Bidet king service was excellent and we received the seat in about 3 days!
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