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Bio Bidet BB-2000 Bliss Bidet Seat w/ Remote

Bio Bidet BB-2000 Bliss Bidet Seat w/ Remote

Product Review (submitted on March 26, 2016):
After the initial set up, you will only use 2 or 3 buttons on the remote with any toilet. The manuals explain everything for both the Novita and BB2000. Even my mother who can't work the remote to the TV knows what buttons to push on both toilets. The LED light lights up the controls on the side of the toilet for the BB2000, and the Novita the whole interior of the bowl is lit up blue. If you don't like it, you can turn the light off on both toilets. Just read the manual how to do it. The Novita cleans you well, and is great for aesthetics like a blue light illuminating the bowl. The lid raises to greet you when you walk in and shuts when you walk out. The downside is no enema function, and the warm water does run out after several minutes. That's if you sit there long enough for that to actually occur. The BB 2000 is a work horse. The seat gets a little warmer on the BB2000 than the Novita, and the dryer gets a little hotter. It does have endless warm water and higher levels of water pressure which sometimes you just need. You can turn down the water pressure to lower levels as well. It is just that the water pressure contol allows for higher water pressure than the Novita. The BB 2000 is louder because it does more. The enema function on the BB2000 is truly necessary for anyone with constipation or hemorrhoids, however, you do need to teach yourself how to use the enema function. You need to hold the water as your colon fills up, and the stream needs to hit the center to do this. When you feel the MASSIVE urge to go, try to hold on as long as possible before expelling the water. It's not painful at all, and a function that the Novita doesn't have. Elderly people can use both toilets, but my parents prefer the BB2000. Both toilets are great for anyone with a loss of dexterity and can't wipe themself. Both reduce the amount of urinary track infections and great for bacterial vaginosis sufferers. Honestly I like both toilets for different reasons, but for functionality reasons the BB 2000 is better. I bought both toilets with the idea that I would return one of them, but I ended up keeping both lol. My husband likes both of them equally too. Both toilets are built extremely well; however, you can't use chemicals to clean the toilet seats. Soap and water because they aren't porcelain. It takes about 5 minutes to assemble these toilets. If you can only get one toilet and you like aesthetics and an overall toilet that cleans you well then get the Novita. If you want a working class industrial toilet for functionality that still looks nice then get the BB2000.
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