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Kohler Novita Bidet BH-90 / BH-93 Bidet Seat

Kohler Novita Bidet BH-90 / BH-93 Bidet Seat

Product Review (submitted on December 26, 2015):
I just purchased my second Novita Bidet BH-90/93 Bidet Seat for the hallway bathroom and became really excited when I was able to discover how to turn on the bidet seat night light. It's really cool when you walk into the bathroom, half asleep, and all the lights are out. Except the blue light emanating from below the bidet seat. You can hit the remote button to lift the seat--if that's what you need--or just know where you have to sit without turning on any lights.
I would recommend to the manufacturer to correct some spelling in the user manual and ensure that it is providing all the proper tools they claim to accompany the bidet seat. I found specifically on page 13, that the User/Installation Manual indicates the bidet seat includes a special wrench tool, but I could not find one and it is extremely important in order to tighten the seat base to the toilet.
Instead of placing information about the "Mood Lamp" at the end of the section "How to use main unit control panel" on page 26, they should include that information at the beginning of the section on page 25--or at the beginning of the manual.
Aside from those two issues and a few gramatical errors in the user manual, I still consider this to be "the best buy" in its category, which is why I gave it 5-Stars! I am very pleased with BidetKing.com and my purchasing experience with them. The second bidet seat I ordered (Novita Bidet BH-90/BH-93 Bidet Seat) was Dec. 21, and I did not expect it to arrive until later in the month. But to my surprise the order was received on Dec. 24. I cannot stop praising BidetKing.com for their expediency and efficiency. Thank You.
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