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Kohler Novita Bidet BH-90 / BH-93 Bidet Seat

Kohler Novita Bidet BH-90 / BH-93 Bidet Seat

Product Review (submitted on October 29, 2014):
Heard about the Novita brand back when I visited Korea, but didn't really see it here in the states until recently. I've had the Brondell model for the last 2 years, and was looking to get another bidet for my mother's bathroom. I ended up putting the Novita in my bathroom and gave my mother the Brondell!

In terms of spray pressure, I feel the Brondell and Novita are neck and neck. I personally suffer from hemorrhoids, so I prefer softer sprays versus some of the other models with the narrower sprays....seems like it'd be quite painful. Either way, once I tried the Novita, I found it was just as comfortable to use as the Brondell (although it's lacking the wide spray which Brondell seems to have).

The best things about the Novita? 1. The LED night light. Having the toilet bowl illuminated at night is an awesome feature. 2. The auto open & close lid. Since I share the same bathroom as my wife, I won't get yelled at when I leave the seat up. Happy wife = happy life. 3. Three years warranty at 100%. Can't say enough great things about this seat!
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