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Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme Bidet Seat w/ Remote

Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme Bidet Seat w/ Remote

Product Review (submitted on June 3, 2014):
My late mother (died in 2006 from COPD) almost died from a obstructed bowel in 2003, my dad was getting her these enema things, but sitting or staying in bed most of the time, and her poor diet was making her constipated. Which is about the time my dad started trying out Bidets. Now the only thing I knew about a Bidet was the one I’d seen in the movie Crocodile Dundee. It was about an Australian crock hunter who visited the Big Apple to help fill out a human interest story, and because he was interested in the female reporter. Setting up in a fancy hotel he discovered what looked like two toilets, but managed to reason it out that one was for washing your backside, after you did your business in the standard model.

This of course was a European style Bidet and though more permanent a fixture, a lot less flexible than the modern toilet seat conversions found more frequently in some Asian countries. The first Bidet my dad got was a cheap model that had something akin to a faucet, open the faucet and the water sprayed out at whatever the base pressure of your running water. It was cold too, but surprisingly I really liked using it cold water and all. I was heavy set like my dad, and had to use an appliance to reach to wipe when doing my business on the toilet, so something that would clean like this was very welcome.

I bought my Dad a much better Bidet for Christmas in 2004, a Hitachi model that was the only one guaranteed for two years at the time. Now warranties are a mixed blessing, getting satisfaction on them is not often easy on a product like this, and the 2 year term could mean they are offering it because of a past bad reputation. The Hitachi seemed to offer the warranty to stimulate sales, but it was indeed a very good performer. In fact, that lasted in regular use 10 years, and still going until recently when I had it replaced with the BioBidet 1000 from Bidet King.
Something else about the need for Bidets, my sister has had bowel obstructions like my mom that sent her to the hospital. My brother has a hernia that he got from straining too hard to have a bowel movement, and myself, I had bouts of terrible pains in the intestines. I had profuse sweats, and nearly passed out from the pain because of constipation, caused by dehydration, and inactivity. The difference is now that I’ve been using a Bidet for years, I’ve never had another incident like that. The solution to that used to be laxatives, or drinking a ton of fluids, to clear the pipes so to speak. That brings us to the something else I spoke of in the beginning of this paragraph. The enema function, a Bidet can force water up the lower intestine through the anus enough, to have it loosen and evacuate most of any hard- packed obstructions. The BioBidet is somewhat special in this regard; it has a Vortex function that can almost launch you into orbit. It is many times stronger (the pump) than the old Hitachi I just took out of service. In fact, on level 2 of 5 you get more pressure than the Hitachi had on full, and you still have 3 levels to go! In addition, there are functions for standard wash and dry, for a feminine wash, to adjust the water, seat, and drying air temperatures, and all on a convenient remote panel. Plus don’t let me forget the massage, the pulse, and the move functions for the control of the water jets.

My old Hitachi had the controls on the side, but the BioBidet 1000 model has the seat open just like a regular toilet seat, so you can actually see what you’re selecting without craning your neck sideways. Still, there is another important function that helps me occasionally, but would certainly help those who suffer from Crohn’s disease, or irritable bowel syndrome. Most all of us have experienced bouts of diarrhea we could not control, either a flu bug, or bad food or water can cause the system to get out of sorts. We all remember what happens after about the 5th or 6th trip to the john. Wiping becomes irritated, the softest Charmin tissue feels like sandpaper, and sometimes even bleeds. Not so with a Bidet, you can wash your backside 50 times or more with a gentle jet of water, and you’ll likely experience no more than a tickle on the skin. I only benefit from this once and a while like I said, but those with some diseases that irritate the bowel or constrict the intestines, may have this very frequently during the year, so a Bidet can save them a lot of grief.

About installation, if you’re handy you can do this yourself in about an hour, there’s a chance you may need an adaptor, but the common connections and adapters come with the unit. You simply turn off the water feed with the valve control, usually near the floor that connects the water feed hose to the toilet tank. Flush the toilet to avoid too much water, then, remove the existing seat. Install the connect plate to the rear of the bowl where the old seat connected. Tighten it down, put the “T” connector in the water line so you feed both the tank and the Bidet, connect the hoses and water filter, and turn back on the water to inspect for leaks. The seat just slides right on and locks into place. FYI you do need a dedicated power outlet to plug this into, this may be more of an expense if you don’t have one nearby, you’ll need to have one installed. If the leak check is fine, then plug in and turn on the Bidet with the remote, after a little air is purged you’re ready to go.

I bought my first BioBidet 1000 two years ago in for an apartment in Naperville, IL where I was staying during the weekdays. I transferred that one to my basements half bath when I left my contract position in Naperville. I was happy enough with six months of good service, that I bought a second one recently in the elongated design, for my personal toilet at home. It works just as good as the first. The BioBidet has some kind of sensor, that tells the control you are sitting in it. It does worry me slightly that I can’t find a back-up for this, but it is at least more reliable than the Hitachi, it had a pressure switch that broke in a few months of use, but there was a two button press override that provided a backup function. While it no longer auto detected you, you could still use the controls, you just had to take care not to use them when not sitting down.

I have to give the BioBidet 1000 five stars my highest rating for now because it lacks for very little I can think of, and is even better than the Bidet I’ve loved and used for 10 years. It’s priced very reasonable, and I’m surprised these things have not become more mainstream. One more little note about this Bidet you’ll surely like, if you’re in a family of four or five. While, this might take some convincing for the spouse and the kids, you no longer will get those brown tracks found in white underwear. Plus, a family of even 4 may use a roll of toilet paper a day, and at today’s prices that’s 365 dollars a year at a buck a roll. That savings is almost enough to pay for the Bidet. One thing I’ve not tried, but did think of is that with the adjustable pressure and temperature of this thing, you might be able to clean up after babies as well. Just get a seat adapter, test the water temp and pressure, and sit lay them back over the hole in the seat adapter. If you’re touching the seat the water will start and you’ll save a lot on baby wipes!
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