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Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme Bidet Seat w/ Remote

Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme Bidet Seat w/ Remote

Product Review (submitted on March 12, 2013):
I had to undergo some bowel surgery in my past that has unfortunately left me problematic bowels that keeps me glued to a toilet for hours a day. It has been a long joinery finding ways to mange for sure. I must say that this Bio Bidet 1000 came highly recommended to me by a friend and it has been a literal Godsend for me and changed my life and made it soooooo much more manageable! It got me off my pain medications that i had been on for over 1 1/2 years from excessive wiping that caused the worst anal nerve pain you cannot even imagine. I am using 1/16 the amount of toilet paper that i had been REALLY! and i love saving trees so that works for me. The enema feature has been so so helpful in that when you have to take certain medications one of the many side effects can be bad constipation. what would take me hours of trying to reverse with laxatives, prune juice, drinking salt water etc this enema feature has a very strong powerful jet that just releases what needs to come out right away. it's amazingTHANK GOD! but then remember i said very problematic bowels, well i also have the opposite problem with massive ongoing chronic diarrhea and I tell you the burning, diaper rashes, bleeding bottom, the huge amount of money i was spending on toilet paper and creams and healing ointments, i made up the money in probably two weeks of using this Bidet and saving sooooooooo much money on all that other stuff but not only that it has totally stopped all my burning, bleeding, raw diaper rashes. The warm toilet seat is awesome in the winter and i love that it has a built in filter to clean the water. also you can change the type of cleaning massage and speed and temperature. if you are going back and forth and cannot decide which one to buy, i assure you, you will not be sorry with this one at all. and even if you are blessed to not have problematic bowels, this is still a winner in any household. The remote control is very easy and suer friendly. in no time at all i got used to al the buttons and can even use them without looking now. This is a great and very necessary invention at least for me it is, Two thumbs up and 10 stars! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
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